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Latin American Economic Review

Latin American Economic Review (LAER) aims to be the leading general interest journal on topics relevant to Latin America. The journal welcomes high-quality theoretical and quantitative papers on economic, social and political-economy issues with a regional focus. Articles presenting new data bases or describing structural reforms within a rigorous theoretical framework will also be considered.

Disability and the Global South

Disability and the Global South (DGS) is the first peer reviewed international journal committed to publishing high quality work focused exclusively on all aspects of the disability experience in the global South. It provides an interdisciplinary platform prioritising material that is critical, challenging, and engaging from a range of epistemological perspectives and disciplines.

Dirāsāt Hispānicas: Revista Tunecina de Estudios Hispánicos

Dirāsāt Hispānicas is a scientific journal published by the Institut Supérieur des Sciences Humaines de Tunis (High Institute of Human Sciences-Tunis) of Tunis El Manar University.

Dirāsāt Hispānicas is an open access electronic journal, meant to be a space for study, debate, and reflection spanning the geographical areas of Spain, the Maghreb and Latin America. In order to promote multidisciplinary dialogue through a Hispanic perspective, its pages are open to works of history, language and literature, written in Spanish, French and English.

Critical Reviews on Latin American Research

CROLAR is an online review journal offering critical reviews of recently published writings on Latin America, founded in July 2012 and domiciled at the Institute for Latin American Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin.

It is an interdisciplinary journal embracing contributions on literary studies, history, sociology, economics, anthropology and political science.

Publisher: Freie Univeristät Berlin, Lateinamerikainstitut

Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology

The Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology showcases research in the broad field of science and technology, with particular respect to Brazil and greater Latin America, but not limited to authorship or topical coverage within the region. The journal explores the dynamics of Research & Development (R&D) under a wide perspective, including not only an emphasis on dissemination of research findings, but also on policy-making and economic growth.

Dialogía: Revista de Lingüística, Literatura y Cultura

Dialogía: Revista de Lingüística, Literatura y Cultura is a Spanish-language publication of the Mikhail Bakhtin Studies Institute dedicated to Spanish-language philology, linguistics, and literature. All articles, reviews, and studies published in Dialogía treat the bridge between literature and linguistics as well as some of the psychological processes behind various literary genres, writing styles, and rhetorical devices. Dialogía's submissions mainly revolve around Latin American Literature and South American Literature, but submissions concerning philosophy, metaphysics, etc.

European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Description: The long tradition of Cedla (Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation) as a European hub for Latin American research is reflected in the European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Contributions reflect substantial empirical research and/or are theoretically innovative with respect to major debates within social science research (understood in the broadest sense, including history and economics) on Latin America and the Caribbean. ERLACS explicitly aims to provide a forum for European

Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani"

Publisher: Universidad de Buenos Aires

The Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani" is a history journal that attempts to reflect in its articles the best results of research work in Latin America, as well as work on Latin America from other global regions.

It aims to be a means of communication between the authors and its specialist readership. It also aspires to reach a wider audience with the hope of enhancing contributions and debates in Latin American historiography.

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