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Researchjournali's Journal Of Economics

Researchjournali's journal of economics (RJOE) provides a multi-disciplinary forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of economics for examination and analysis of the latest developments in government economic policies across countries. The journal publishes research papers based on economic development and innovative research based solution.

Publisher: Einfomia Online

Ekonomika, Journal for Economic Theory and Practice and Social Issuses

Ekonomika is a national scientific journal. The current series of journals continues 59-year-old tradition of publishing topics related to the economy and social issues. Journal of Ekonomika is managed in the whole of this period successfully consolidate and present topics related to the scientific field of economics.
The Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia, gave the status of a national journal.

International Journal of Academic Research in Management

The explicit aim of the International Journal of Academic Research in Management (IJARM) is the dissemination of insightful and original management knowledge. We welcome novel and ground-breaking contributions from a wide range of research traditions within the broad domain of management, particularly encouraging innovative ideas in conceptual developments and research methodologies. The IJARM is not preferentially disposed towards either empirical work or pure theory, nor towards one particular method or approach.

CMO Today

CMO Today is a new offering from The Wall Street Journal, helping marketing executives discern who and what matters in marketing today.

CMO Today is sponsored by Adobe. A section of CMO Today includes content written and compiled by Adobe.

Journal of Market Access & Health Policy

Journal of Market Access & Health Policy (JMAHP) is the official journal of the Market Access Society. The journal aims to consolidate the concept of “market access” as a multidisciplinary field spanning not only economic but also technical, scientific, sociological, psychological, and policy perspectives. JMAHP aims to link all components that impact on “market access” to provide a convergent and broader perspective in a single specialized journal.

Class, Race and Corporate Power

Class, Race and Corporate Power seeks to develop, refine and advance a critical analyses of corporate power from a range of scholarly approaches with the goal of assisting social justice movements in dissecting and combating concentration of power and privilege within political systems and within the global economy. The objective is to encourage an exchange between scholars and activists engaged in labor, human rights, environmental, immigration, women's rights, and racial justice campaigns whose focus is on making public policy more democratic and accountable.

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance

The Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance aims to provide a single source for the latest research in these areas. It is open to but not limited to papers which cover investigations of biases, the role of various neurological markers in financial decision making, national and organizational culture as it impacts financial decision making, sentiment and asset pricing, the design and implementation of experiments to investigate financial decision making and trading, methodological experiments, and natural experiments.

Journal of Promotional Communications

Our aim is to encourage diverse perspectives and approaches to the study of promotional communication and the work published here will draw on variety of disciplinary areas covering, but not exclusive to, Marketing, Advertising and PR theory as well as Consumer Culture and Behaviour, Political Communications, Media Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Management. The Journal of Promotional Communications encourages submissions from current undergraduates and postgraduate students or those who have graduated within the past twelve months.

4D International Journal of Management and Science

4D International Journal of Management And Science is an international journal published from India and USA. The vision of the journals is to present a scholastic platform to scholars all over the world to publish their novel, original, empirical and high quality research work. The editorial board would like to publish research papers/articles from scholars pertaining to recent developments and practices in Emerging management and science fields. Articles cover all branches of Management and Science excluding,Engineering and Medical.

Alphanumeric Journal

Alphanumeric Journal is devoted to original research in the field of business administration and related areas. The aim of the journal is to provide a medium by which a wide range of experience can be exchanged among researchers from diverse fields such as social sciences, and engineering. Alphanumeric serves as a vehicle for researchers and practitioners in the field of quantative methods, and is enabling a process of sharing in all fields related to the operations research, statistics, econometrics and management informations systems in order to enhance the quality on a globe scale.

Review of Behavioral Economics

The Review of Behavioral Economics (ROBE) seeks to extend and develop the study of behavioral economics. The journal encourages a transdisciplinary and pluralistic perspective in the tradition of the late Herbert A. Simon, long recognized as the founder of modern behavioral economics, for whom the concepts of bounded rationality and satisficing were based on psychological, cognitive, and computational limits of human knowledge and behavior, the decision-making environment, and the evolutionary capabilities of the human being.

Regional Studies, Regional Science

Regional Studies, Regional Science is a new interdisciplinary open access journal from the Regional Studies Association. The first papers will be published in early 2014 and we particularly welcome submissions from authors working on regional issues in geography, economics, planning, and political science. The journal features a streamlined peer-review process and quick turnaround times from submission to acceptance.

Journal of the Regional Studies Association

African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance provides a forum for exploring African research on current and future issues in business and beyond. It brings together interested faculty, professionals, policy makers, accounting/auditing/finance students, and others concerned with professional and regulatory matters in the corporate, university, schools of business, government and financial sectors.

International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives

International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives brings together research on the independency and interdependency of bonds and derivatives in one focus. The journal encourages innovation in using theory and research methodology in exploring each area independently and collectively. IJBD is the only journal that bridges the gap between theories, policies and practitioners in the field of bonds and derivatives.

Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications

Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications addresses the broad area of management science and its applications in industry and business. It is particularly receptive to research relevant to the practice of management within the Asian region and its effects beyond. It covers studies on how management work is done (descriptive) and/or should be done (normative) in diverse organisational forms. These include for-profit/non-profit firms, private/public sector institutions and formal/informal social networks.

Journal of Risk and Financial Management

The Journal of Risk and Financial Management is an international journal with the goal of advancing the knowledge and understanding of the practice of financial management and risk management through the publication of high quality papers that are also relevant to practitioners.

JRFM was formerly edited by Prof. Dr. Raymond A.K. Cox and published by Prof. Dr. Alan Wong online in one yearly volume from 2008 until end 2012. It is published online by MDPI starting October 2013.

Journal of Professions and Organization

Journal of Professions and Organization (JPO) aims to be the premier outlet for research on organizational issues concerning professionals, including their work, management and their broader social and economic role.

We are particularly receptive to interdisciplinary perspectives and contributions, with strong interests in all professional organizations, professional service firms, and public sector professionals, including professionals in healthcare and non-profit organizations.

International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management

International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management is a peer-reviewed international journal which offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of construction engineering and project management. It aims to advance the science of construction engineering, harmonize construction practices with design theories, and further education and research in construction engineering and management.

International Review of Management and Business Research

International Review of Management and Business Research (IRMBR) aims to publish new business and management insights in the shape of research articles, literature reviews, case studies, short communications and book reviews. Another aim of the journal is to bring business realities into class rooms so that young pupils can grasp the intricate details of theories and practices of the real business world.

American Journal of Tourism Management

American Journal of Tourism Management is a peer-reviewed international journal for all those concerned with the planning and management of travel and tourism. The journal will facilitate this need by providing essential and intelligent information about world-wide tourism issues. The journal includes travel services, tourism management organizations, meetings and convention services, and transportation services.

Asian Journal of Technology & Management Reserach

Asian Journal of Technology & Management Reserach is an ONLINE and Published INTERNATIONAL Refereed Journal, published by group of energetic academicians from India.

The policy of Journal is to publish high quality oriented technological and managemental research papers after review and permission of the Editorial Board. It is mandatory that papers must be written in English and should be the original work by the authors. The paper must not have been previously published and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Production & Manufacturing Research

Production & Manufacturing Research: An Open Access Journal provides a high-quality platform for academics, researchers, and industrial practitioners working on production and manufacturing research topics to publish their work globally under a fully open access model. The journal ensures that every article undergoes a rigorous but rapid peer review process by a team of experts who share the cross-disciplinary scope of the publication.

Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research

The Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research (JGM) provides an outlet for research on expatriate management and other topics of global mobility. JGM caters to a community of scholars and practitioners interested in theoretical and empirical perspectives of physical global mobility as well as antecedents, correlates and consequences of activities and phenomena associated with global mobility.

Water Resources and Economics

For the purpose of sustainable water resources management, the scientific assessment of the multiple connections between water resources and the economy is crucial. Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions affecting the use of water resources, be it water extraction, pollution or allocation, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry and urban water supply as well as between local, regional and transboundary river basins.

Valuation Studies

The overall aim of Valuation Studies is to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. To this end the journal welcomes contributions of different kinds and origins. Apart from traditional journal articles, the journal welcomes short opinion pieces or research notes, interviews, staged debates, or indeed longer than normal journal articles.

Idea artă + societate

Idea artă + societate

Idea artă + societate is a bilingual (Romanian-English) art and
society journal that features articles written on, interviews with
scholars studying, and original research conducted in the areas of

philosophy, literature, political science, sociology, economics, and
international relations from domestic-level and constructivist
perspectives as they relate to the creation and dissemination of art,

Ac-TICE: La revue interacadémique des TICE

Ac-Tice: La revue interacadémique des TICE

Ac-Tice is a French-language journal that features articles and
working papers concerning education, social sciences, and economics
and their interplay in contemporary European

society. Ac-Tice is published by the Academy of Nancy-Metz and the
CRDP Lorraine with the editorial collaboration of the Academies of
Aix-Marseille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nantes,

Orléans-Tours, Poitiers, and Strasbourg.

Praktični menadžment. Stručni časopis za teoriju i praksu menadžmenta

Praktični menadžment. Stručni časopis za teoriju i praksu menadžmenta

Praktični menadžment. Stručni časopis za teoriju i praksu menadžmenta
is a Croatian-language journal on the practice and theory of

ISSN: 1847-8107

Contact: Virovitica college


Subject: Management, Business

Date Posted: 18th October, 2012

Journal Asian Medical Students’ Association

Journal Asian Medical Students’ Association

The main objective of the Journal of Asian Medical Students'
Association (J-AMSA) is to serve as a portal by documenting of the
research activities. We

encourage all forms of scientific writing including original Research
articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, feature articles, letters to
the editor etc. If you

İşletme ve İktisat Çalışmaları Dergisi

İşletme ve İktisat Çalışmaları Dergisi

İşletme ve İktisat Çalışmaları Dergisi is a double-blind, peer-reviewed

international academic journal publishing high quality conceptual and

measure development articles in the areas of economics,

finance, and related disciplines. It publishes papers in



Editor: Ilhan Ozturk


Revista de Gestão e Secretariado - GeseC

Revista de Gestão e Secretariado - GeseC

Publisher: Sindicato das Secretárias do Estado de São Paulo

Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Country: Brazil

Frequency: Biannual

Subscription Fee: No

A Revista Gestão e Secretariado – GESEC is a publication of

Scientific and Technical character that aims to broaden the discussion and

dissemination of thematic secretarial and related areas,

resulting from academic research and professional. Its

Ecos de Economía

Ecos de Economía

Description: Ecos de Economía is edited and published every six months
by the School of Economics and Finance of EAFIT University, which is
located in Medellin, Colombia. Since its foundation in 1996, its main
objective has been to publish high quality national and international
research in the areas of economics and finance. Ecos de Economía is
read by students, professors, researchers, professional economists and
practitioners in the financial sector.


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