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Ceræ: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Ceræ is a peer-reviewed Australasian journal of medieval and early modern studies. Administered from the University of Western Australia with the generous support of faculty and staff, the journal is directed by a committee of interstate and international graduate students and early career researchers. We are united in our commitment to open-access publishing, the possibilities of the digital humanities, and to forging a strong community of medieval and early modern scholars in the region.

Journal of Glacial Archaeology

The Journal of Glacial Archaeology encompasses all topics concerning archaeological discoveries from glacial, permafrost, polar and high‐altitude frozen contexts across the world and presents the latest discoveries and research from frozen sites .The main themes will include; archaeological analyses of recovered frozen artefacts, interpretations of frozen finds in relation to past and present climates, problems and solutions related to managing, monitoring and rescuing frozen deposits as well as social, political and ethical issues related to these discoveries.

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to explore archaeology’s specific contribution to understanding the present and recent past. It is concerned both with archaeologies of the contemporary world, defined temporally as belonging to the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, as well as with reflections on the socio-political implications of doing archaeology in the contemporary world.

Journal of Islamic Archaeology

The Journal of Islamic Archaeology is the only journal today devoted to the field of Islamic archaeology on a global scale. In the context of this journal, “Islamic archaeology” refers neither to a specific time period, nor to a particular geographical region, as Islam is global and the center of the “Islamic world” has shifted many times over the centuries.

Critical Historical Studies

Critical Historical Studies is a new interdisciplinary journal devoted to historical reflections on politics, culture, economy, and social life. CHS features research on the implications of socio-economic transformations for cultural, political, and social change. In the broad tradition of Critical Theory, CHS will explore the complex connections between cultural form and socio-economic context and promote a reflexive awareness of the researcher’s own position in the history of global capitalist society.

American History Now

American History Now is an experiment in scholarly communication. Neither a scholarly journal nor a blog, American History Now highlights new ways of writing, reading, and disseminating ideas in the digital realm. We’re looking to bypass the inertia of 19th century models of publishing, creating a new model of publishing and dissemination that relies on the principles of curation and collaboration. We aim to use digital tools to build communities of shared interest within and beyond the boundaries of academia.

AIO Papers

AIO Papers complement the English translations of Attic inscriptions available on Attic Inscriptions Online, a website designed to make available the inscriptions of ancient Athens and Attica in English translation. AIO Papers are designed:

a) to clarify the Greek texts underlying the translations published in AIO.
b) to equip the user of AIO with the background knowledge necessary to understand the inscriptions in historical context.
c) to advance the understanding of Attic inscriptions consistently with the objectives of AIO.

Revista Memorare

The Revista Memorare, do Grupep-Arqueologia - open to contributors from Brazil and abroad interested in proposals related to issues of preservation, use and dissemination of cultural tangible and intangible heritage. We highlight the issues to be discussed together or through dossiers: Prehistoric Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Heritage Education, Geographic Information Systems, Management of Cultural Heritage, Memory, Identity, Conservation and Restoration. In addition to these themes, other related topics may be discussed.

e-conservation Journal

e-conservation is a journal, distributed exclusively electronically in Open Access, that aims to serve the cultural heritage community by publishing useful research, both from and to the researchers and practising professionals. In order to accomplish this, the journal is interested in articles from a wide range of fields of knowledge with application to Cultural Heritage, including, but not limited to, chemistry, physics, biology, history of art, archaeology, museum studies, and conservation-restoration. All the published papers are double-blind peer-reviewed.

History Research

History Research, a monthly professional academic journal, publishes research in all major areas of history, such us political history, economic history, art history and so on. It publishes articles that make outstanding contributions to scholarly knowledge about notable theoretical concerns, puzzles or controversies in any subfield of history.

Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

The Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology is seeking to publish profound, rigorous, well-written, high-quality, high-impact papers to generate discussion, debate, fresh perspective.

The research area is the European continent and the Near East in the Greek-Roman times. The topics are: ancient history, ancient philology, epigraphy, papyrology, numismatics, archaeological material, archaeological reports, digital archaeology, archaeometry, reviews.

Journal of Ancient History and Archeology is supported by Romanian Academy and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Journal of Lithic Studies

The Journal of Lithic Studies is a peer-reviewed open access journal which focuses on archaeological research into the manufacture and use of stone tools, as well as the origin and properties of the raw materials used in their construction. The journal does not focus on any specific geographic region or time period.

Nailos. Estudios Interdisciplinares de Arqueología

Nailos. Estudios interdisciplinares de Arqueología is an academic journal on Archaeology and all its related disciplines. It is published every year (in January). It is a peer and blind reviewed publication. It is published in both electronic format (e-ISSN 2341-1074) and printed version (ISSN 2340-9126). It is sponsored by the Asociación de Profesionales Independientes de la Arqueología de Asturias (APIAA). The main purpose of this journal is to promote archaeological knowledge and collaborate in the spread of scientific research and results in this specific subjects.

Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History

The Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History seeks to encourage and stimulate the study of the history of the ancient Near East, which is broadly defined to include areas from Iran to the western Anatolian coast and the Black Sea to Southern Arabia from its prehistoric foundations to the Late Antique period. The journal is also interested in interactions with other regions and cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean World, the Indian Ocean and Central Asia.

Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts

The Athens Journal of Humanities and Arts (AJHA) is a quarterly double blind peer reviewed journal and considers papers from all areas of arts and humanities, including papers on history, philosophy, linguistics, language, literature, visual and performing arts. Many of the papers published in this journal have been presented at the various conferences sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Division of the Athens Institute for Education and Research.

Estudios Bizantinos

Estudios Bizantinos is a digital and international open-access journal of Byzantine Studies. It has been created by the Sociedad Española de Bizantinística and it welcomes scientific papers with original and high-quality content on any aspect of the Byzantine civilisation.

Journal of Ancient History

The Journal of Ancient History aims to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity (roughly the ninth century BCE through the eighth century CE). The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles concerning the history and historiography (ancient and modern) of the ancient Mediterranean world and of neighboring civilizations in their relations with it. The journal is open to submissions in disciplines closely related to ancient history, including epigraphy, numismatics, religion and law.

Thamyris, Nova Series

Subjects covered: Teaching classical languages​​; divulgative papers on history, literature and culture of ancient Greek and Roman world.

Intended audience: Students and teachers of Latin and Greek, Ancient History, Archaeology, Classical Literature. In general, audience interested in any aspects of the Classical World.


Figura: Studi Sull’immagine Nella Tradizione Classica is a new international journal to be published twice yearly online with unrestricted access, in order to disseminate current research and writing on the Classical Tradition’s repertoire. The journal will encompass studies of Antiquity’s visual and textual culture, as well as appropriations and transfigurations of this legacy in the ancient and post-ancient world.

Archäologie Weltweit

Archäologie Weltweit is a publication of the The German Archaeological Institute (DAI), a scientific corporation of the Federal Institution under the auspices of the Foreign Office. The staff of the Institute carries out research in the area of archaeology and in related fields and maintains relations with international scholars. Archäologie Weltweit explores the scientific aspects of the DAI's work as much as its political implications, its ability to solve ancient puzzles and to render ancient knowledge useful to our own time.

Journal of the British Academy

The new online open-access Journal of the British Academy seeks to publish a conspectus of the state of scholarship across the Academy’s disciplinary interests, its content derived from the Academy’s own lecture programme. Publication in the Journal of the British Academy is by invitation. Unsolicited articles are not accepted.


Datatèxtil is the CDMT’s trade magazine, published twice a year. The magazine fills a gap in the market for art, history and heritage publications which only rarely focus on textiles.

Since issue number 28, the magazine has been published in digital format, and can be downloaded for free.

Language: Catalan

Mens. Revue d’histoire intellectuelle et culturell e

Mens. Revue d’histoire intellectuelle et culturelle


Description: Mens. Revue d’histoire intellectuelle et culturelle is a
biannual publication dedicated to the history of the ideas and culture
of Quebec, French Canada, and French America. The field covered by
Mens is the intellectual history understand in its most general sense.

Language: French

Country: Canada

Studium: Tijdschrift voor Wetenschaps- en Universiteits-geschiedenis | Revue d'Histoire des Sciences et des Universites

Studium is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles and book reviews on the history of scholarship, science, medicine, technology and universities.

The main language of Studium is Dutch, but also papers in the English or French can be submitted.

Previously titled: Gewina: Tijdschrift voor de Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde, Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Techniek (1978-2007)

Journal of World-Historical Information

The Journal of World-Historical Information is a peer-reviewed, semi-annual,

electronic journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary

project of creating and maintaining a comprehensive world-

historical data resource. The journal operates under the

guidance of the Collaborative for Historical Information and

Analysis (CHIA, http://chia.pitt.edu), the collaborative

network which is creating the data resource. The data

resource addresses several centuries in time with data

BMGN: Low Countries Historical Review

BMGN: Low Countries Historical Review publishes research and review articles which explore broad and important issues in the history of the Low Countries, and seeks to do so in a wider comparative context.

In creating discussion fora, online and in print, and in publishing book reviews, the journal aims to enliven historical debate among both professional historians and a wider interested public. Rigorously peer-reviewed, BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review seeks to present the best historical scholarship of both young and more established scholars.

Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani"

Publisher: Universidad de Buenos Aires

The Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani" is a history journal that attempts to reflect in its articles the best results of research work in Latin America, as well as work on Latin America from other global regions.

It aims to be a means of communication between the authors and its specialist readership. It also aspires to reach a wider audience with the hope of enhancing contributions and debates in Latin American historiography.

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