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Cancer & Metabolism

Cancer & Metabolism welcomes studies on all aspects of the relationship between cancer and metabolism, including: Molecular biology and genetics of cancer metabolism; Whole-body metabolism, including diabetes and obesity, in relation to cancer; Metabolomics in relation to cancer; Metabolism-based imaging; Preclinical and clinical studies of metabolism-related cancer therapies.

SSTB International Refereed Academic Journal of Sports

The main objective of SSTB International Refereed Academic Journal of Sports is to provide an intellectual platform for researchers and scholars worldwide who are all welcome to exchange their latest findings and results. The Journal aims at becoming one of the leading journals publishing studies in sports science including health and medical sciences.

Publisher: Murat Korkmaz

Annals Medicus

Annals Medicus is an online open access quarterly journal providing an avenue for furthering research in medicine and dentistry. The journal invites articles from accomplished researchers in the field which shall be judged by our Editorial Board and decisions as appropriate shall be finalized taking into consideration the editorial policy rooted in the highest order of ethical and scientific norms. The journal publishes review articles, original articles, case reports and pictorial CMEs in the fields of Medical, Surgical and Dental specialities.

Pediatric Urology Case Reports

Pediatric Urology Case Reports is an online-only, international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Pediatric Urology Case Reports publishes original case reports in all areas of pediatric urology. Pediatric Urology Case Reports is a journal for publication of case reports or case series that offer new and updated information to an international audience.


DISCOBOLUL - Physical Education, Sport and Kinetotheray Journal is an interdisciplinary physical education, sport and kinetotherapy, peer reviewed, quarterly published research journal.

Biomarker Research

Biomarker Research is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that encompasses all aspects of biomarker investigation. Biomarker Research aims to publish original discovery, novel concepts, commentaries and reviews related to biomarker investigation from all biomedical disciplines.

BMC Obesity

BMC Obesity is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of human obesity across the lifecourse. These include the prevention, causes, treatment, management, and implications of obesity, incorporating lifestyle, epidemiology, policy and community/environmental interventions, related approaches for weight loss and the prevention of weight gain, management of the condition including the use of drugs and surgery, and basic science relating to the causes and effects of obesity. Research from developing country contexts is encouraged.

Advances in Integrative Medicine

AIMED is an international peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and review journal that is multi-disciplinary within the fields of Integrative and Complementary Medicine.

The journal focuses on rigorous quantitative and qualitative research including systematic reviews, clinical trials and surveys, whilst also welcoming medical hypotheses and clinically-relevant articles and case studies disclosing practical learning tools for the consulting practitioner.

International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences

The mission of International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences is to provide its readers with up-to-date information relevant to Dental and Health sciences. The journal policy is to publish work deemed by peer reviewers to be a coherent and sound addition to scientific knowledge and to put less emphasis on interest levels, provided that the research constitutes a useful contribution to the field.


Andrology publishes basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological research in all areas of andrology. This includes hormonal regulation, spermatogenesis, reproductive tract, accessory sex organs and external genitalia, sperm function and quality, prostate diseases including cancer, and male sexual physiology. Studies using mammalian and non - mammalian model systems and molecular and cellular investigations to understand male reproductive health and function in humans and important animal species are considered.

Internet Interventions

The aim of Internet Interventions is to publish scientific, peer-reviewed, high-impact research on Internet interventions and related areas.

Official Journal of the european society for research on internet interventions (ESRII) and the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII).

Translational Developmental Psychiatry

Translational Developmental Psychiatry is a peer reviewed open access journal providing a platform for the exchange of high-quality scientific knowledge and research findings among professionals in the field of developmental psychiatry. The Journal publishes innovative original research articles, reviews, hypothesis papers, case reports and letters to the editor covering translational aspects of neuropsychiatric disorders in different developmental epochs: infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Journal of Market Access & Health Policy

Journal of Market Access & Health Policy (JMAHP) is the official journal of the Market Access Society. The journal aims to consolidate the concept of “market access” as a multidisciplinary field spanning not only economic but also technical, scientific, sociological, psychological, and policy perspectives. JMAHP aims to link all components that impact on “market access” to provide a convergent and broader perspective in a single specialized journal.

Journal of Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Technologies

Journal of Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Technologies (JARTT) is an international multidisciplinary journal providing a forum for the exchange of research on the latest advances in assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies.

JARTT’s vision is to play the multiplier role in promoting, developing, and supporting the growth of better assistive, rehabilitative and therapeutic technologies and applications for the benefit of persons with disabilities irrespective of their age, gender or location.

Advances in Cellular and Molecular Otolaryngology

Advances in Cellular and Molecular Otolaryngology focuses on the broad area of in vitro and in vivo studies on the cellular and molecular biology and pathophysiology of otolaryngological diseases, and related sciences. Being both open access and interdisciplinary the journal aims to reach the wider scientific community via the web and thereby be conducive to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying ENT and Head & Neck diseases, which ultimately leads to the development of new and efficient treatment modalities for patients.

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Open Forum Infectious Diseases provides a global forum for the rapid publication of clinical, translational, and basic research findings in a fully open access, online journal environment. The journal reflects the broad diversity of the field of infectious diseases, and focuses on the intersection of biomedical science and clinical practice, with a particular emphasis on knowledge that holds the potential to improve patient care in populations around the world.

IJC: Metabolic & Endocrine

IJC: Metabolic & Endocrine will be devoted to cardiovascular medicine in general and to the interplay between the cardiovascular system metabolism and hormones in particular. IJC Metabolic & Endocrine will also have an interest in articles reporting the effect of clinical trials and therapeutic interventions affecting the metabolic and/or hormonal influences on the cardiovascular system.

Journal of Computational Surgery: Computing, Robotics, and Imaging for the Surgical Platform

Journal of Computational Surgery: Computing, Robotics, and Imaging for the Surgical Platform is an interdisciplinary publication for scientists, engineers, and medical researchers, who collaborate across the fields of computer science, medicine; mechanical, materials, and bioengineering; applied mathematics, physics, and biology.

Spine Deformity

Spine Deformity, the official journal of the Scoliosis Research Society, is a peer-refereed publication to disseminate knowledge on basic science and clinical research into the etiology, biomechanics, treatment methods and outcomes of all types of spinal deformities. The Journal will enhance the mission of the Society, which is to foster the optimal care of all patients with spine deformities worldwide.


Veterinary Record Open

eterinary Record Open is a journal dedicated to publishing specialist veterinary research across a range of topic areas including those of a more niche and specialist nature to that considered in the weekly Veterinary Record. Research from all disciplines of veterinary interest will be considered.

Respirology Case Reports

Respirology Case Reports is an open-access online journal dedicated to the publication of original clinical case reports in all fields of respiratory medicine. The Journal encourages the international exchange between clinicians and researchers of experiences in diagnosing and treating uncommon diseases or diseases with unusual presentations.

Published in cooperation with with Asian Pacific Society of Respirology.

New Microbes and New Infections

New Microbes and New Infections is an official publication of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). It serves the field as a peer-reviewed, open access journal for rapid dissemination of the latest research, with a particular focus on new genomes, new microbes, and new technology applied to the diagnosis of infectious/tropical diseases. Article categories include first descriptions of a microbe in a country, first descriptions of resistance in a country, first case reports in a country and mini-reviews, as well as full length original articles.

International Journal of Scientific Study

International Journal of Scientific Study (IJSS) is an open-access, freely accessible online journal publishing research articles after full peer review and aims to publish scientifically sound research articles in across all science like Medicine, Dentistry, Genetics, Pharmacy, etc. It is the journal that publishes researches as soon as they are ready, without waiting to be assigned to an issue. The journal serves as a healthy platform for Undergraduates/Post Graduates students whose articles are considered on the basis of content and not on the basis of topic or scope.


CMAJ Open welcomes medical research with a wide variety of methodologies. The journal is committed to an open peer review system in which reviewer comments, author responses and the original submission are available along with the final published version.

Biomedical Research and Therapy

Biomedical Research and Therapy is the major forum for basic and translational research into therapies. An international peer-reviewed journal, it publishes high quality open access research articles with a special emphasis on basic, translational and clinical research into molecular therapeutics and cellular therapies, including animal models and clinical trials. The journal also provides reviews, viewpoints, commentaries and reports. Biomedical Research and Therapy is an international, peer-reviewed, worldwide, open access journal.

Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology publishes quality review articles of all aspects of ultrasound as it impacts diagnosis and management in the field. As the technology and its applications are constantly improving, there is a need for lifelong learning for all sonologists so that they can optimize their care of gynecologic, maternal and fetal patients on an ongoing basis.

Scientific Research Journal of India

Scientific Research Journal of India (SRJI) is the official organ of Dr.L.Sharma Medical Care and Educational Development Society. Scientific Research Journal of India is a Multidisciplinary, Peer Reviewed, Open Access, Journal of science. The scope of journal is therefore necessarily broad to cover recent discoveries in structural and functional principles of scientific research. It encourage and provide a forum for the publication of research work in different fields of pure and applied sciences.

A&A Case Reports

A&A Case Reports is a clinical companion journal to the International Anesthesia Research Society's flagship publication, Anesthesia & Analgesia. A&A Case Reports is designed to be the specialty’s indispensable resource for peer–reviewed case reports that make an important teaching point or scientific observation in disciplines related to anesthesiology: perioperative medicine, critical care, and pain management.

All content is freely available for the initial trial period

Acute Medicine & Surgery

Acute Medicine & Surgery (AMS) is an international peer reviewed academic journal on acute medicine and surgery. Acute medicine covers a wide range of clinical areas, detailing cases of acute illness or injury. The journal contains pathophysiological analyses of acute illness or injury, whether the cause is medical and/or surgical. Studies of acute medicine include initial care in the emergency room, definitive treatment during acute phases of illness or injury and may also include subsequent critical care.

Çukurova Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi

Cukurova Medical Journal is the official publication of the Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine which publishes clinical or experimental research articles, case reports, letter to the editor, and research abstracts in all aspects of Medical sciences either in English or in Turkish. This journal is a peer-reviewed medical journal published four times a year. It aims to reach all medical faculties and their staff.

Arşiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi

Arsiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi (Archives Medical Review Journal) is the official publication of the Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine located in Adana, Turkey which publishes review articles in all aspects of Medical sciences either in English or in Turkish. This journal is a peer-reviewed medical journal published four times a year

Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology

Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology is a peer-reviewed journal for rapid dissemination of high-quality research related to all areas of neurology. The journal publishes original research and scholarly reviews focused on the mechanisms and treatments of diseases of the nervous system; high-impact topics in neurologic education; and other topics of interest to the clinical neuroscience community.

Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology publishes papers submitted directly to the journal and those referred from Annals of Neurology.


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