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Postgraduate Journal of Women, Ageing, and Media

The Postgraduate Journal of Women, Ageing and Media (PGWAM) is a rigorous, peer-reviewed journal which welcomes submissions from postgraduate students and early career researchers working in the fields of ageing studies, media studies, cultural gerontology, and other related disciplines.

Run by postgraduates with support from more experienced academics, the journal aims to make ‘thinking with age’ a key lens from which to approach research focussed on women, ageing and the media (film, television, screen media, popular music, advertising radio and the press).

Society and Culture in South Asia

Society and Culture in South Asia is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in the fields of sociology, social anthropology in the main, and sociology of education, sociology of medicine, arts and aesthetics, cultural studies, sociology of mass media, sociology of law, urban studies inter alia. Journal is open to other related disciplines to maintain an interdisciplinary thrust, within the ambit of sociology of knowledge. The Journal would publish the research papers, review-essays, debates, in the temperament of qualitative sociology.

Genocide Studies International

Genocide Studies International (GSI) is a journal devoted to innovative research, analysis and information. GSI is a forum for the academic study and understanding of the phenomena of genocide and the gross violation of human rights and various approaches to preventing them. It strives to raise awareness of the necessity of genocide prevention and the promotion of universal human rights. It serves as a critical voice for analyzing governmental and supra-governmental efforts in the prevention of genocide. This peer-reviewed journal is interdisciplinary and comparative in nature.

Social Currents

Social Currents, the official journal of the Southern Sociological Society, is a broad-ranging social science journal that focuses on cutting-edge research from all methodological and theoretical orientations with implications for national and international sociological communities. The uniqueness of Social Currents lies in its format. The front end of every issue is devoted to short, theoretical, agenda-setting contributions and brief, empirical and policy-related pieces.

Development Studies Research

Development Studies Research ( DSR ) is a multidisciplinary journal providing an interdisciplinary platform for original, critical research. The journal aims to broaden understandings of current development studies research, open up new areas of debate, reflect on and advance development theory, identify problems of policy and practice, and present potential solutions and recommendations to the development community, private sector and conservationists.

Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science

Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science is a new, peer-reviewed journal devoted to exploring how quantitative methods and statistical techniques can supplement qualitative analyses in linguistics and communication science; research on the quantitative characteristics of language and text in a more mathematical form.

Journal of Dialogue Studies

The Journal of Dialogue Studies is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal published twice a year. Its aim is to study the theory and practice of dialogue, understood provisionally as: a meaningful interaction and exchange between individuals and/or people of different groups (social, cultural, political and religious) who come together through various kinds of conversations or activities with a view to increased understanding.

eXclusive e-JOURNAL

eXclusive e-JOURNAL is an electronic scientific and peer-reviewed journal which is publishing the results of a basic and applied research performed by the authors of scientific research and educational institutions. The electronic scientific journal accepts original contributions focused on the whole spectrum of social science disciplines, book reviews, monographs, modern university textbooks and reviews of works presenting significant research project.

International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research

The aim of journal is to publish research articles that are related to social sciences. It invites high quality studies in the fields of economics, commerce, management, public administration, political science, education, sports, public finance, business administration, and business law. It welcomes studies that are written other researchers and practitioners. It welcomes papers from both academicians and practitioners on conceptual paradigms, academic research, theories, business models, as well as organizational practices in humanities and social science.

Responsible Gambling Review

The Responsible Gambling Review (RGR), is a free-to-access, online, peer-reviewed journal, that publishes articles examining developments in the field of responsible gambling (RG). The aim of the journal is to help bridge the gap between research and the application of findings, as well as reporting on the actual experiences of implementing new RG policies and practices. The intended audience, are those individuals and organizations who will benefit from discovering new information about RG research and practice.

Ethos Journal

Ethos Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that serves as a venue for scholars, artists, and other intellectuals to practice the discipline of cultural studies for a wider audience and to sustain an ongoing conversation about the social institutions and inequities that characterize our contemporary moment. We are looking for essays that make interventions in public life through scholarly reflection on any discipline in the humanities, although we also seek interdisciplinary work concerned with culture and ethical thought.

Comparative Migration Studies

Comparative Migration Studies (CMS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal for comparative research in the field of migration, integration and ethnic studies. CMS distinguishes itself on the following points: An explicit comparative orientation. We believe that a focus on comparative research can promote the theoretical development of migration studies. This can involve various types of comparative studies (between countries, groups, levels, historical periods). A wide disciplinary angle.

DIFI Family Research and Proceedings

The journal aims to provide a home for proceedings and original research on all aspects of family research, including migration, dignity, parental and child rights, and marriage - particularly in the Arab world.

The journal will publish special issues on topics of interest and proceedings from relevant conferences. Alongside these speical issues, we will also present original, peer-reviewed research papers.

Journal of Retracing Africa

Published by the African/African American Studies program at Eastern Kentucky University, JORA provides critically needed platform for established Africanists and graduate students to publish their original research pieces. By encouraging disciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches in reconstructing a wide range of themes relating to African peoples and societies in all time periods, JORA not only helps in deconstructing existing myths and stereotypes about Africa but also enhances scholarly understanding of the totality of the African life.

Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy

Dialogue is interested in contributions that offer theoretical, practical, pedagogical, and historical examinations of popular culture, including interdisciplinary discussions and those which examine the intersections between American and international cultures. In addition to analyses provided by contributed articles, the Journal also encourages submissions for guest editions, interviews, and reviews of books, films, conferences, music, and technology.

International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research

International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research (ISSN: 2309 - 7892) is a monthly open access, double blind peer reviewed international journal that provides a rapid avenue to publish outstanding applied researches in all the fields of Social Sciences and Scientific research that can result in the development of new procedures that can lead to improvement in these areas.

Swiss Journal of Research in Business and Social Sciences

Swiss Journal of Research Business and Social Science (SJRBSS) is an open access, online, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal published by European Society for Business and Social Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. The main objective of SJRBSS is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. SJRBSS aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in business and social science and also to become the leading journal in business and social science in the world.

Publisher: European Society for Business and Social Sciences

International Journal of Social Sciences and Management

The “International Journal of Social Sciences and Management” (IJSSM) is an international online journal in English language committed to publish quarterly without any unnecessary delay. To publish peer reviewed research and review articles describing recent advances and applied aspects of social sciences and management education & research is the only aim of IJSSM.

Publisher: SEM-Biotech Publishing

Media Watch

Media Watch is a peer reviewed and refereed international journal on mass communication, media, journalism, cinema, ICT, advertising and public relations. The main thrust of the journal is to publish original methodological, scientific, and theoretical research papers on various fields of media, communication, film studies, research, theory, and practice for the benefit of the academic community and researchers worldwide.

Eurasian Journal of Social Sciences

Eurasian Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS) is an online academic journal which publishes articles on topics that combines social sciences (such as politics, education, psychology, sociology but not limited to) and fields like economics, business, finance, and management. In addition to theoretical and empirical analysis, EJSS welcomes literature surveys and book reviews. While EJSS attracts more papers from European and Asian economies, all papers from related fields on any region or country are highly encouraged.

Publisher: Eurasian Publications

International Refereed Journal of Social Sciences Academic Sight

The purpose is to bring together the academic researches, analyses and studies directed to Turkish World –having the same history, culture, language and tradition- in the field of Social Sciences under the same roof of our journal. However, our range of subjects is not limited to Turkish World; we open the doors of our journal also for original and scientific works in all fields of social sciences.

Researchjournali's Journal Of Sociology

Researchjournali's journal of sociology (RJOS) publishes research papers on all aspects of sociology for the international audience with interest in the field of sociology. The articles are highly relevant to the issues and challenges faced in real social life and encourage innovative research based approaches to solve those issues in society. And it provides a forum for exchange of knowledge among academicians and researchers for advancement of research in the area of sociology. The journal covers following topics related to sociology.

Publisher: Einfomia Online

Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

The Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application aims to inform statisticians, and users of statistics more broadly about major methodological advances and the computational tools that allow for their implementation. Statistical methods and ideas are relevant for virtually every intellectual field that involves data and quantitative reasoning, including these related articles from a variety of Annual Reviews journals.


EtnoAntropologia promotes studies in the ethno-anthropological sciences and seeks to contribute to national and international debate in reference to the problems and historical responsibilities of our time.

Sociological Science

Sociological Science is an open-access, online, peer-reviewed, international journal for social scientists committed to advancing a general understanding of social processes. Sociological Science welcomes original research and commentary from all subfields of sociology, and does not privilege any particular theoretical or methodological approach.

Class, Race and Corporate Power

Class, Race and Corporate Power seeks to develop, refine and advance a critical analyses of corporate power from a range of scholarly approaches with the goal of assisting social justice movements in dissecting and combating concentration of power and privilege within political systems and within the global economy. The objective is to encourage an exchange between scholars and activists engaged in labor, human rights, environmental, immigration, women's rights, and racial justice campaigns whose focus is on making public policy more democratic and accountable.


ACResolution magazine, a quarterly publication (digital as of Spring 2013), is owned by the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) and is produced by an Editorial Committee. The Editorial Committee establishes a theme for each issue. They also review and select proposed articles.

Journal of Promotional Communications

Our aim is to encourage diverse perspectives and approaches to the study of promotional communication and the work published here will draw on variety of disciplinary areas covering, but not exclusive to, Marketing, Advertising and PR theory as well as Consumer Culture and Behaviour, Political Communications, Media Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Management. The Journal of Promotional Communications encourages submissions from current undergraduates and postgraduate students or those who have graduated within the past twelve months.


SubVersions is a biannual journal of the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, dedicated to presenting emerging research in media and cultural studies.

Writing from Below

Writing from Below provides a forum for new research on gender, sexuality and diversity and the array of intersecting issues that shape their social expression.

We invite submissions from as broad a range of disciplines as possible, as well as work that cannot be easily placed. We welcome both academic and creative explorations (theory is art and art, theory, after all), and all submissions will be peer reviewed.

Review of Behavioral Economics

The Review of Behavioral Economics (ROBE) seeks to extend and develop the study of behavioral economics. The journal encourages a transdisciplinary and pluralistic perspective in the tradition of the late Herbert A. Simon, long recognized as the founder of modern behavioral economics, for whom the concepts of bounded rationality and satisficing were based on psychological, cognitive, and computational limits of human knowledge and behavior, the decision-making environment, and the evolutionary capabilities of the human being.

Regional Studies, Regional Science

Regional Studies, Regional Science is a new interdisciplinary open access journal from the Regional Studies Association. The first papers will be published in early 2014 and we particularly welcome submissions from authors working on regional issues in geography, economics, planning, and political science. The journal features a streamlined peer-review process and quick turnaround times from submission to acceptance.

Journal of the Regional Studies Association

Statistics and Public Policy

Statistics and Public Policy (SPP) publishes papers that apply strong statistical methodology to problems in the realm of public policy and /or relevant political science. Articles may address international, national, or local policy questions, and the emphasis is upon the application rather than methodological novelty.

An Official Journal of the American Statistical Association


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