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Big Data Research

The journal aims to promote and communicate advances in big data research by providing a fast and high quality forum for researchers, practitioners and policy makers from the very many different communities working on, and with, this topic.

Cogent Engineering

The journal considers primary research articles, review articles and short communications across the full spectrum of engineering, with dedicated editorial teams for each of the major branches of engineering.

Cogent Engineering is currently waiving Article Publishing Charges (APCs) for all authors. (November 2014)

Journal of Transport & Health

The Journal of Transport & Health (JTH) is devoted to research on the many interactions between transport and health. The journal aims to cover transport and health issues in all countries. Three particular aims of the journal are: to promote dialogue between the two research communities it serves; to improve the quality of data and the appropriate use of data; and to encourage transfer of research into practice.

MRS Energy & Sustainability - A Review Journal

MRS Energy & Sustainability—A Review Journal will publish reviews on key topics in materials research and development as they relate to energy and sustainability. Topics to be reviewed are new R&D of both established and new areas; interdisciplinary systems integration; and objective application of economic, sociological, and governmental models, enabling research and technological developments. The reviews will be set in an integrated context of scientific, technological and sociological complexities relating to environment and sustainability.

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer will be the first journal dedicated to publishing original research and industrial developments relating to wireless power. The Journal will pull together research from across the field, covering aspects such as RF technology, near-field energy transfer, energy conversion and management, electromagnetic harvesting, novel materials and fabrication techniques, energy storage elements, and RFID-related electronics.

GSDI SDI Regional Newsletter

The GSDI Regional Newsletter is a free, electronic newsletter for people interested in all aspects of implementing national and regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) around the globe. The newsletter continues the tradition of the GSDI Association’s former separate regional newsletters that covered Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, from 2002 onwards. The purpose of the newsletter is to raise awareness of SDI issues and provide useful information to strengthen SDI implementation efforts and support synchronization of regional activities.

Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering

The Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering is a peer-reviewed and open access international journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in in different areas of research, such as: embedded systems, computer, electronic, automation and electric engineering. The redaction team is an international one, made up from scientific personalities.
The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding advances in internet of things and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

ERES International Journal of Computer Networks

ERES is an international journal of Computer Networks which provide an opportunity for researchers / Authors to demonstrate their creativity and innovation in computer networks area. The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of networks as well as designers and implementers. The Editorial Board was instrumental in reviewing journal papers and provides overall guidance and information.

Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering

Facta Universitatis, series: Mechanical Engineering (FU Mech Eng) is an open access peer-reviewed international journal published by the University of Niš (Republic of Serbia). High quality, refereed papers are published three times a year. Papers reporting original theoretical and/or practice oriented research or extended versions of the already published conference papers are all welcome. The scope of the journal covers the whole spectrum of Mechanical Engineering. Papers for publication are selected through peer reviewing to ensure originality, relevance, and readability.

International Journals of Advanced Information Science and Technology

The aim of IJAIST is to subsidize onrushing knowledge in various research fields with erudition, hence to elevate high trait research. The IJAIST is progressively vital journal for the development of Information Science and Technology. The core addressees of this publication comprises academics, research scholars, graduate students, practitioners and all others interested in Information Science and Technology research. The journal welcomes and encourages articles from both practitioners and academics.

Environmental Geotechnics

Environmental Geotechnics aims to disseminate knowledge and provides a fresh perspective regarding the basic concepts, theory, techniques and field applicability of innovative testing and analysis methodologies and engineering practices in Geoenvironmental Engineering.

International Journal of Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology

International Journal of Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology (IJAAST) is a multi-disciplinary, open access scholarly journal and is aimed at providing a monthly publication outlet for the increasing flow of scholarly research articles. The scope of the Journal borders around hypothetical developments and their application, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in all areas of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Publisher: Dr. Rajeev Mehra

Biotechnology International

The Biotechnology International (BTI) is a quarterly International Journal devoted in upgrading the scientific knowledge with respect to the advancements in the field of Biological and Pharmaceutical sciences. It is the vision of Biotechnology International group to publish manuscripts in different areas of human study with outmost contribution in the development of Science and Technology.

Publisher: Biotechnology Society

Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics

The Journal of Automotive and Applied Mechanics publishes papers based on original research which include, but are not limited to, the following: solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, nanomechanics, Vehicle Dynamic, Automobile Electronics, Transportation Systems, Environment, Safety , Vehicles design and developments and Other Fields of Automotive and Applied Mechanics Engineering .

Publisher: SCIJOUR

IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing

IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing is an open access journal that publishes papers on emerging aspects of computer science, computing technology, and computing applications not currently covered by other IEEE Computer Society Transactions. Some examples of emerging topics in computing include: IT for Green, Synthetic and organic computing structures and systems, Advanced analytics, Social/occupational computing, Location-based/client computer systems, Morphic computer design, Electronic game systems, & Health-care IT.

Al-Khawarizmi Engineering Journal

Al-Khawarizmi Engineering Journal (KECBUJ) is publishing by the AL-Khwarizmi college of Engineering – University of Baghdad. KECBUJ is open access; peer reviewed and published quarterly online and in print version. KECBUJ is devoted to the publication of high quality scientific papers on theoretical as well as practical developments in all areas of Engineering and Technology.

Independent Journal of Management & Production

Independent Journal of Management & Production is a Brazilian electronic journal, which addresses the scientific community: teachers, researchers, students and professionals working in the field of production engineering and related (Administration, Accounting and Economics).

The journal also allows the publication of Master's Degree Dissertations and Doctoral and Postdoctoral Thesis to stimulate the dissemination and interchange of tacit and explicit knowledge in any language.

IEEE Electrification Magazine

IEEE Electrification Magazine is a quarterly magazine dedicated to disseminating information on all matters related to microgrids onboard electric vehicles, ships, trains, planes, and off-grid applications. Microgrids refer to an electric network in a car, a ship, a plane or an electric train, which has a limited number of sources and multiple loads. Off-grid applications include small scale electricity supply in areas away from high voltage power networks.

International Journal of Cellular & Molecular Biotechnology

International Journal of Cellular & Molecular Biotechnology (ISSN 2198-1744) is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal which aims to promote the theory and practice of cellular and molecular biotechnology. A broad outline of the Journal's scope includes: peer reviewed original research articles, case and technical reports, reviews and analyses papers, short communications and notes to the editor. Articles concerning multidisciplinary research are particularly welcomed.

International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology

International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology (IJCET) is a refereed peer reviewed open access international journal with a key objective to provide the academic and industrial community a medium for presenting original cutting edge research. The journal is devoted to the rapid publication of full-length papers describing original research in all areas of engineering, sciences, technology . The authors work and the associated institution quality is reflected by the publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal.

Publisher: Inpressco

International Journal of New Computer Architectures and their Applications

The SDIWC International Journal of New Computer Architectures and Their Applications (IJNCAA) is a refereed online journal designed to address the following topics: new computer architectures, digital resources, and mobile devices, including cell phones.

In our opinion, cell phones in their current state are really computers, and the gap between these devices and the capabilities of the computers will soon disappear.

International Journal of Computational Engineering Research

International Journal of Computational Engineering Research (IJCER) is a refereed online journal which is a forum for publication of current research in computer science engineering and technology. IJCER seeks to publish high quality theoretical or empirical research articles, case studies, book reviews, tutorials, editorials surrounding computer science and engineering fields.

Iniciação Revista de Iniciação Científica, Tecnológica e Artística

Iniciação Revista de Iniciação Científica, Tecnológica e Artística has as main objectives: to publish original articles that present relevant research results and developments carried out by students of technical or higher education, foster debate between authors and readers for the development of knowledge in the areas of research, and contribute to the academic, scientific and professional development of undergraduate students.

European International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

European International Journal of Applied Science and Technology (EIJAST) is a monthly, open access and peer-reviewed International Journal that is published by Centre for Promoting Knowledge (CPK), UK. European International Journal of Applied Science and Technology (EIJAST) providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.

IEEE Power Electronics Magazine

IEEE Power Electronics Magazine publishes peer-reviewed articles related to power electronics and its applications which encompass the effective use of electronic components, application of control theory and circuit design techniques, and the development of analytical tools used in efficient and effective energy conversion, control, utilization, and conditioning of electric power.


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