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Library Contributes to World Community Grid

The Library’s Information Technology Department is proud to announce that the Library is contributing the spare computing power from its public computers to the World Community Grid, an effort to create the world's largest public computing grid to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity. Using the idle time of computers around the world, World Community Grid's research projects have analyzed the human genome, diseases, rice crop yields, clean energy and more.

The University has been involved in this project since 2005 and the Library joined last November. In the past three months, the Library’s spare computing power has been used on projects studying cancer, AIDS, clean energy and clean water, malaria, influenza and more. You can see the Library’s computing contributions here.

Since joining the Georgetown University team, the Library has consistently ranked as the #1 contributor in the team in daily output and increased the average daily output by 4200%. The Library is proud to be able to contribute to the University’s Jesuit mission and commitment to service through participating in this program that benefits people around the world.