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Every day, the Library is engaged in the work of preserving our many treasures, including rare books, manuscripts, photographs, artworks, documents relating to University history and our everyday collections. We’ll be updating this page periodically with information about some of our preservation projects, training materials, suggestions for preserving your own items and other information.

And remember—preservation isn’t just for libraries! You should be taking care of your own resources to protect them for the future. Here are a few tips:

  • Handle your books gently and with clean hands.
  • Back up your data routinely and with more than one copy.
  • Protect your photographs from too much light.
  • Store your family’s documents in clean places.

For more information about what we’re up to or if you have a preservation question, visit library.georgetown.edu/ask-us, atyourlibrary.org/passiton, or contact Preservation Coordinator Karen O’Connell at kho@georgetown.edu.

One of the Library’s many preservation projects is conserving our collections of old photographs and documents, many of which capture unique moments in the history of Georgetown and our nation. Take a look at the selections below and see the images before and after conservation.

Sir William Johnson Mezzotint