We are currently installing new doors in the stairwell in Lauinger Library. During this time, visitors will not be able to use landings that are under construction, either to enter that floor or pass through en route to another. We encourage visitors to use the elevators, although the stairwell may still be used to access floors that are not under construction. Landings under construction should only be used in the case of an emergency.

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The Old Bakehouse with Bro. GavinDoor, White-Gravenor BuildingNew North and the Jesuit CemeteryCopley HallCopley and White-Gravenor, 1939
Dahlgren Chapel, 1950Dahlgren Chapel, ca. 1992Manipulated Photograph of Dahlgren ChapelDahlgren Chapel, ca. 1980The Healy Building, from White-Gravenor, ca. 1980
Georgetown University Hospital, 1949Harbin Hall, 1992Healy Tower from Dahlgren ChapelHealy Towers - note the icicleHealy at Dusk - Copyright Fred Maroon
Healy Tower from White-GravenorBunn Intercultural CenterLeavey Student CenterLauinger Library under construction, 1969Lauinger Library
Lauinger LibraryLauinger LibraryLauinger LibraryYear of the Library BannerStudent Apartments
McSherry BuildingMedical Center, ca. 1930The Old University Hospital, ca. 1908Drawing for Old North RenovationsOld North, 1828
Old North Window Looking on the QuadrangleOld South River FacadeOld South North FacadeRand Hall, aka Lower SlobboviaSt. Mary's Nursing Residence, 1910
Old South, the First BuildingDownspout, Healy BuildingOld North, 1819