We are currently installing new doors in the stairwell in Lauinger Library. During this time, visitors will not be able to use landings that are under construction, either to enter that floor or pass through en route to another. We encourage visitors to use the elevators, although the stairwell may still be used to access floors that are not under construction. Landings under construction should only be used in the case of an emergency.

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Fr. Bellwoar in the Archives, 1969National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature, Healy BuildingAn architectural jest: 'Pearls Before Swine' St. William's ChapelDahlgren Chapel, c. 1920The Galleria, Bunn Intercultural Center
Gaston HallGaston HallGaston HallHirst Room, Riggs Library, 1969Faculty Office, Nevils Building, c. 1979
Hiistory Department Office, Nevils Building, c. 1979First Floor Corridor, Healy Building, ca. 199217th Century Cross from St. Mary's City Chapel, Md.Classrooom , Nevils Building, c. 1979Lobby, Departmental offices, Nevils Building, c. 1979
Old North under renovation, c. 1981Post Office, Old North Building, ca. 1955President's Office, showing the Stuart portrait of John CarrollStudent Dining Hall, Ryan Building, ca. 1910Riggs Library, ca. 1960
Riggs Library, c. 1969Riggs Library, c. 1969Riggs Library, c. 1969Riggs Library, c. 1969Riggs Library, c. 1969
Riggs Library, c. 1969