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Cross-cut rendering of the classroom and reading room in the new Booth Family Center for Special Collections.

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Project Details

The renovation of the Booth Family Center for Special Collections will both completely renovate the existing space and expand the Center from its current footprint. The project will:

  • Add 1,200 square feet of space that previously held general collection stacks, bringing the Center to 9,200 square feet total.
  • Move the Center’s entrance to a more prominent location along the main floor walkway.
  • Create a new dedicated Special Collections classroom designed specifically for teaching with rare and fragile primary resources.
  • Enhance the reading room to create a more comfortable and secure space for researchers to examine items.
  • Add a new, separate reception area.
  • Restructure staff and processing space to be more comfortable and efficient.
  • Create a separate, environmentally-controlled shelving area and vault.
  • Refurbish the HVAC systems so that the staff and shelving areas are separately administered, creating optimal conditions for both people and items.
  • Update the Center’s security systems to protect the Library’s treasures.
  • Refurbish the HVAC system currently serving the Pierce Reading Room on the third floor, which is linked to the current Special Collections HVAC system.
  • Improve the Center’s exhibition spaces with new cases, lighting and more.