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Lauinger Stacks, Second Floor, 2007




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Alphabetical List of All Employees

Name Job Title Departmentsort descending Email Phone
Jeffrey Popovich Circulation/Reserves Coordinator Access Services popovijm@georgetown.edu 202-687-7403
Deborah Cook Department Head Access Services dac42@georgetown.edu 202-687-7461
Sandra Marroquin Administrative Services Coordinator Access Services marroqus@georgetown.edu 202-687-7596
Alexander Vallejo Stacks Services Coordinator Access Services ayv2@georgetown.edu 202-687-7499
Jim Witherspoon Access Specialist Access Services withersj@georgetown.edu 202-687-7476
Amanda Rudd InterLibrary Loan Coordinator Access Services ar427@georgetown.edu 202-687-7428
Anna Striker Weekday Evening Supervisor/ Consortium Loan Service Coordinator Access Services as3521@georgetown.edu 202-687-7462
Audrey Richardson Access Services Specialist Access Services ar1188@georgetown.edu 202-687-5157
Mamo Gerba Access & Technical Services Support Specialist Access Services mgg27@georgetown.edu 202-687-7644
Elzbieta Stafford Access Specialist Access Services ziembae@georgetown.edu 202-687-7476
Melissa Ludke Access Services Specialist Access Services mll71@georgetown.edu 202-687-7607
Faye Telford Business Operations Specialist Administration fat@georgetown.edu 202-687-7183
Talor Struckmann Personnel Coordinator Administration tds46@georgetown.edu 202-687-7689
Christina Handle Budget Analyst Administration ch971@georgetown.edu 202-687-5386
Katherine Thomas Executive Assistant to the University Librarian Administration kt529@georgetown.edu 202-687-3980
Miriam Nickerson Library Director of Development, Office of Advancement Administration mn355@georgetown.edu 202-687-2850
Nadia Cherchari Budget Analyst Administration nc564@georgetown.edu 202-687-2568
Sean Holmes Business Assistant Administration srh52@georgetown.edu 202-687-7448
Peggy Fry Deputy University Librarian Administration fry@georgetown.edu 202-687-5160
Phyllis Barrow Director, Finance and Operations Administration barrowp@georgetown.edu 202-687-7454
Jennifer Smith Coordinator of Communications, Outreach, and Programming Administration jas298@georgetown.edu 202-687-6851
Grace McKinney Program & Events Coordinator Administration gsm37@georgetown.edu 202-687-7446
Sem Sutter Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources & Services Administration scs82@georgetown.edu 202-687-7616
Dana Bailey Business Manager Administration db1159@georgetown.edu 202-687-7619
Shu-Chen Tsung Associate University Librarian for Digital Services & Technology Planning Administration tsungs@georgetown.edu 202-687-7429
Artemis Kirk University Librarian Administration agk3@georgetown.edu 202-687-7425
Amri Rouson Personnel Coordinator Administration ar1173@georgetown.edu 202-687-7572
Derek Slater Facilities Coordinator Administration dbs33@georgetown.edu 202-687-9129
Gwen Owens Blommer Science Librarian Blommer Science Library owensg@georgetown.edu 202-687-5685
Jacqueline Belletomasini Night/Weekend Supervisor Blommer Science Library jro43@georgetown.edu 202-687-5687
Philip Sites Access Services Supervisor Blommer Science Library pes42@georgetown.edu 202-687-5687
Jill Hollingsworth Science Reference Librarian Blommer Science Library hollingj@georgetown.edu 202-687-2573
Deborah R Critzer Assistant to the Science Librarian Blommer Science Library rinnd@georgetown.edu 202-687-2572
Erin Pappas Librarian for European Languages and Social Sciences Collections, Research and Instruction ep557@georgetown.edu 202-687-4481
Maura Seale Research & Instruction Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction mms227@georgetown.edu 202-687-3764
Melissa Van Vuuren English & Humanities Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction msv37@georgetown.edu 202-687-7595
Michael Scott Bibliographer, Latin American Studies & Iberian Languages Collections, Research and Instruction mrs249@georgetown.edu 202-687-2878
Gregory Kitsock Library Assistant Collections, Research and Instruction kitsockj@georgetown.edu 202-687-1887
Brenda Bickett Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Bibliographer Collections, Research and Instruction bickettb@georgetown.edu 202-687-4482
Eden Orelove Library Assistant, SCS Collections, Research and Instruction eo347@georgetown.edu (202) 784-7389
Jennifer Boettcher Business Reference Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction boettcher@georgetown.edu 202-687-7495
Sandra Hussey Research Instruction Coordinator & Senior Reference Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction husseys@georgetown.edu 202-687-8689
Judith McManus Reference Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction mcmanusj@georgetown.edu 202-687-7436
William Olsen Social Sciences Bibliographer Collections, Research and Instruction wco4@georgetown.edu 202-687-9012
Anna Simon Research & Instruction Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction ajs299@georgetown.edu 202-687-7467
Thomas Oertel Assistant Librarian Collections, Research and Instruction tgo@georgetown.edu 202-687-7467
Jessica Vanderhoff Librarian, School of Continuing Studies Collections, Research and Instruction jv532@georgetown.edu 202-784-7389
Ding Ye Librarian - Asian Studies and Linguistics Bibliographer Collections, Research and Instruction dy33@georgetown.edu 202-687-7609
Meg Oakley Interim Head, Copyright & Digital Rights Management Copyright and Digital Rights Management mco42@georgetown.edu 202-687-0302
Michael Matason Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center mdm72@georgetown.edu 202-687-2028
Barrinton Baynes Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center bb286@georgetown.edu 202-687-1894
Nikoo Yahyazadeh Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center ny86@georgetown.edu 202-687-7510
Beth Marhanka Department Head Gelardin New Media Center marhankb@georgetown.edu 202-687-7534
David Hagen Graphic Artist/Photographer Gelardin New Media Center hagend@georgetown.edu 202-687-7530
Cara Clark Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center cc1583@georgetown.edu 202-687-7410
Amy Richards Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center acr79@georgetown.edu 202-687-7402
Edward Keller Multimedia Specialist Gelardin New Media Center efk3@georgetown.edu 202-687-9350
Gene Law PC Specialist Library Information Technology lawg@georgetown.edu 202-687-7617
Stephen Fernie Web Services Coordinator Library Information Technology srf23@georgetown.edu 202-687-2307
Melissa Riggio Digital Content Technician Library Information Technology mlr67@georgetown.edu 202-687-1885
Jason Brock Senior Systems Administrator Library Information Technology brockjd@georgetown.edu 202-687-5735
Salwa Ismail Patel Department Head Library Information Technology sip9@georgetown.edu 202-687-7385
Aaron Williams Systems Administrator Library Information Technology acw65@georgetown.edu 202-687-2619
Terry Brady Senior Programmer Analyst Library Information Technology twb27@georgetown.edu 202-687-7053
Wei Zhang Systems Programmer Analyst Library Information Technology wz24@georgetown.edu 202-687-7540
Kate Dohe Digital Services Librarian Library Information Technology kd602@georgetown.edu 202-687-6387
Elizabeth Wilkinson Curator of Manuscripts Special Collections ew543@georgetown.edu 202-687-7614
Christen Runge Assistant Curator Special Collections cer43@georgetown.edu 202-687-4484
Scott Taylor Manuscripts Processor Special Collections taylors@georgetown.edu 202-687-4986
John Buchtel Department Head Special Collections jb593@georgetown.edu 202-687-7475
Ann Galloway Assistant Archivist Special Collections amg76@georgetown.edu 202-687-1863
Katharine Malcolm Project Coordinator Special Collections km1124@georgetown.edu 202-687-7444
Lisette Matano Manuscripts Processor Special Collections matanol@georgetown.edu 202-687-2814
Stephanie Hughes Communications & Projects Coordinator, Special Collections Special Collections ssh@georgetown.edu 202-687-7833
LuLen Walker Art Collection Curator Special Collections llw@georgetown.edu 202-687-1469
Ted Jackson Manuscripts Processor Special Collections tlj25@georgetown.edu 202-687-7423
Lynn Conway University Archivist Special Collections conwayl@georgetown.edu 202-687-7631
Mark Winek Electronic Resources Librarian Technical Services mdw65@georgetown.edu 202-687-0774
Joanna Bell Metadata Specialist Technical Services jdb242@georgetown.edu 202-687-7633
Jeffrey Beebe Bindery Assistant Technical Services jmb239@georgetown.edu 202-687-0038
Christine Sawyer Ordering Specialist Technical Services cns44@georgetown.edu 202-687-7450
Christopher Choice Metadata Assistant Technical Services crc72@georgetown.edu 202-687-1349
Allison Feras Senior Metadata Specialist Technical Services af828@georgetown.edu 202-687-7405
Sandra Houston Electronic Resources & Serials Specialist Technical Services houstons@georgetown.edu 202-687-7417
Jenny Lobb Cataloger Technical Services lobbj@georgetown.edu 202-687-7497
Asheleigh Perry Metadata Librarian/Special Collections Technical Services aap44@georgetown.edu 202-687-7541
Judith Armstrong Metadata Specialist Technical Services ja4@georgetown.edu 202-687-5967
Karen O'Connell Preservation Coordinator Technical Services kho@georgetown.edu 202-687-7585
Timothy Cash Metadata Specialist Technical Services casht@georgetown.edu 202-687-2705
Shana McDanold Head, Metadata Services Technical Services sm2827@georgetown.edu 202-687-3356
Zewdie Muleta Head of Acquisitions Technical Services zgm@georgetown.edu 202-687-8824
Dorothy Grier Bibliographic Searcher Technical Services grierd@georgetown.edu 202-687-7450
Vani Murthy Head, Technical Services Technical Services vkm@georgetown.edu 202-687-1557
Margaret Kirschbaum Metadata Specialist Technical Services mek99@georgetown.edu 202-687-6296
Elizabeth Kupke Head, Electronic Resources & Serials Unit Technical Services eaj34@georgetown.edu 202-687-3321
Wint Weisman Account Clerk Technical Services weismali@georgetown.edu 202-687-0099
J. Leon Hooper, S.J. Department Head Woodstock Theological Library jlh3@georgetown.edu 202-687-4250
Paul Osmanski Head of Technical Services Woodstock Theological Library osmanskp@georgetown.edu 202-687-7474
Amy E. Phillips Rare Materials Cataloger Woodstock Theological Library aep49@georgetown.edu 202-687-7473
Susan Karp Library Assistant Woodstock Theological Library karps@georgetown.edu 202-687-7513