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Collections, Research and Instruction

General Department Contacts

Phone: 202-687-7452
Fax: 202-687-5350
Email: reference@georgetown.edu

List of Staff

Job Title Phone Email
Brenda Bickett Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Bibliographer 202-687-4482 bickettb@georgetown.edu
Jennifer Boettcher Business Reference Librarian 202-687-7495 boettcher@georgetown.edu
Elizabeth Foster Public Policy & Social Sciences Librarian 202-687-2822 ef534@georgetown.edu
Josh Hamlett Library Assistant, SCS 202-784-7389 jh1800@georgetown.edu
Sandra Hussey Research Instruction Coordinator & Senior Reference Librarian 202-687-8689 husseys@georgetown.edu
John Kimbrough Temporary Reference Librarian 202-687-7644 jwk77@georgetown.edu
Gregory Kitsock Library Assistant 202-687-1887 kitsockj@georgetown.edu
Judith McManus Reference Librarian 202-687-7436 mcmanusj@georgetown.edu
Thomas Oertel Assistant Librarian 202-687-7467 tgo@georgetown.edu
William Olsen Social Sciences Bibliographer 202-687-9012 wco4@georgetown.edu
Erin Pappas Librarian for European Languages and Social Sciences 202-687-4481 ep557@georgetown.edu
Michael Scott Bibliographer, Latin American Studies & Iberian Languages 202-687-2878 mrs249@georgetown.edu
Maura Seale Research & Instruction Librarian 202-687-3764 mms227@georgetown.edu
Anna Simon Research & Instruction Librarian 202-687-7467 ajs299@georgetown.edu
Melissa Van Vuuren English & Humanities Librarian 202-687-7595 msv37@georgetown.edu
Ding Ye Librarian - Asian Studies and Linguistics Bibliographer 202-687-7609 dy33@georgetown.edu