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Technical Services

General Department Contacts

Phone: 202-687-7541
Fax: 202-687-7503

List of Staff

Job Title Phone Email
Vani Murthy Head, Technical Services 202-687-1557
Shana McDanold Head, Metadata Services 202-687-3356
Zewdie Muleta Head of Acquisitions 202-687-8824
Judith Armstrong Metadata Specialist 202-687-5967
Jeffrey Beebe Bindery Assistant 202-687-0038
Joanna Bell Metadata Specialist 202-687-7633
Timothy Cash Metadata Specialist 202-687-2705
Christopher Choice Metadata Assistant 202-687-1349
Allison Feras Senior Metadata Specialist 202-687-7405
Kebede Geleta Electronic Resources & Serials Specialist 202-687-6481
Dorothy Grier Bibliographic Searcher 202-687-7450
Sandra Houston Electronic Resources & Serials Specialist 202-687-7417
Margaret Kirschbaum Metadata Specialist 202-687-6296
Jenny Lobb Cataloger 202-687-7497
Karen O'Connell Preservation Coordinator 202-687-7585
Tracey Parris Accounting Specialist 202-687-0099
Asheleigh Perry Metadata Librarian/Special Collections 202-687-7541
Christine Sawyer Ordering Specialist 202-687-7450
Mark Winek Electronic Resources Librarian 202-687-0774