We are currently installing new doors in the stairwell in Lauinger Library. During this time, visitors will not be able to use landings that are under construction, either to enter that floor or pass through en route to another. We encourage visitors to use the elevators, although the stairwell may still be used to access floors that are not under construction. Landings under construction should only be used in the case of an emergency.

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Technical Services

General Department Contacts

Phone: 202-687-7541
Fax: 202-687-7503

List of Staff

Job Title Phone Email
Vani Murthy Head, Technical Services 202-687-1557 vkm@georgetown.edu
Shana McDanold Head, Metadata Services 202-687-3356 sm2827@georgetown.edu
Zewdie Muleta Head of Acquisitions 202-687-8824 zgm@georgetown.edu
Judith Armstrong Metadata Specialist 202-687-5967 ja4@georgetown.edu
Jeffrey Beebe Bindery Assistant 202-687-0038 jmb239@georgetown.edu
Joanna Bell Metadata Specialist 202-687-7633 jdb242@georgetown.edu
Timothy Cash Metadata Specialist 202-687-2705 casht@georgetown.edu
Christopher Choice Metadata Assistant 202-687-1349 crc72@georgetown.edu
Allison Feras Senior Metadata Specialist 202-687-7405 af828@georgetown.edu
Kebede Geleta Electronic Resources & Serials Specialist 202-687-6481 kg623@georgetown.edu
Dorothy Grier Bibliographic Searcher 202-687-7450 grierd@georgetown.edu
Sandra Houston Electronic Resources & Serials Specialist 202-687-7417 houstons@georgetown.edu
Margaret Kirschbaum Metadata Specialist 202-687-6296 mek99@georgetown.edu
Jenny Lobb Cataloger 202-687-7497 lobbj@georgetown.edu
Karen O'Connell Preservation Coordinator 202-687-7585 kho@georgetown.edu
Tracey Parris Accounting Specialist 202-687-0099 tnp7@georgetown.edu
Asheleigh Perry Metadata Librarian/Special Collections 202-687-7541 aap44@georgetown.edu
Christine Sawyer Ordering Specialist 202-687-7450 cns44@georgetown.edu
Mark Winek Electronic Resources Librarian 202-687-0774 mdw65@georgetown.edu