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Jessica Vanderhoff

Collections, Research and Instruction
Job Title: 
Librarian, School of Continuing Studies

On November 4th, Georgetown University welcomes Jessica Vanderhoff as the School of Continuing Studies Librarian. After receiving her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh, Jessica began her career just over eight years ago as the sole branch librarian at a community college in northeast New Jersey. In her most recent position as the Director of Library Services at Capital Community College in Hartford, CT, Jessica played an active role in advancing research curriculum measures in a newly-merged statewide public higher education system. At the institutional level, she worked to execute these measures by developing and assessing information literacy outcomes into various professional and liberal arts programs. Jessica is driven by one goal - to demonstrate how an education grounded in liberal arts can be practically applied by way of information fluency, critical engagement, collaboration, and effective communication as they are achieved in the workplace and in the community at large. In addition to her library experience, Jessica holds a MA in History and has taught a variety of classes, both online and in the traditional classroom setting, including United States History I and II, and college success first year seminars.

She envisions the SCS library as a one-stop virtual and physical solutions development space and is excited to collaborate with the Georgetown University community to execute innovative library service models.

Subject Specialist for: 
Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Technology Management