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React: SPAs

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
You know the basics of React, but now you want to build a production-ready project. It's time to dig deeper than the UI. React: SPAs shows you how to build a polished single-page application (SPA), with tools for managing users and reading and writing data from a database. Instructor Ray Villalobos shows you how create React components, add user authentication and authorization, and integrate a Firebase database with custom routing. The project you complete in this course will allow you take your React projects to the next level, and create full-featured user experiences that are fluid and responsive, without constant page loads.

Revit: Creating C# Plugins

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Autodesk Revit is a powerful BIM platform, but it can be automated, customized, and expanded even further with plugins. With the Revit application programming interface (API) and an understanding of C#, any motivated Revit user, BIM manager, architect, or engineer can create their own custom plugins. This training course starts with an overview of the plugin development workflow, using a simple example that retrieves an element ID. Once you know how to create commands and compile and debug the plugin code, instructor Jeremy Graham shows you how to work with elements (aka Revit families). Learn how to create elements, filter elements, and get and set element parameters. Then find out how to edit element geometry through code—binding intersections and projecting arrays—and automate common tasks related to views and sheets. Finally, Jeremy shows an advanced way to execute your commands with custom user interfaces known as external applications.

Consulting Foundations: Client Management and Relationships

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Client relationships are the foundation of your consulting business. Whether you work for a big firm or are going solo as an independent consultant, the principles of client management are the same. It's all about building rapport, communicating effectively, and establishing trust. In this course, Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod teach you how to position yourself for success, keep communication lines open during implementation of your project, and create connections that are the foundation for lasting relationships that lead to repeat business. Plus, get tips for leveraging client relationships to sell to the entire organization.

Prioritizing Your Tasks

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Learn to prioritize your tasks efficiently and consistently. This short course from productivity expert Dave Crenshaw shows how to schedule your time in relation to what's most important and what will have the most significant impact on your work. Dave begins the course with an overview of his time value prioritization (TVP) philosophy. Next, he lays out a six-step process for determining how urgent a task is, how great an effect it will have, and whether it should be delegated to a colleague or automated through technology. Dave concludes the course with two quick walk-through examples, showing the TVP method in action. Using this innovative framework, you can get more done, more efficiently, while increasing the value of your time and saving more of it for the things you love.

Docker for Developers

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Containers add flexibility to applications—you can create, deploy, copy, and move containerized apps from environment to environment. With Docker, containers are standardized, segregated, and portable, supported everywhere from AWS to GCP, making it easy to automate common DevOps tasks such as delivery and integration. This course introduces developers of all kinds to the benefits, features, and workflow involved with Docker containers. Learn how to set up Docker on Windows, Mac, and Linux; create images and volumes; set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline; and perform advanced networking between clients, servers, and backend containers. Instructor Emmanuel Henri closes with a brief overview of clustering and managing of containers with swarms and Kubernetes.

Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Predictive Analytics

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Predictive analytics use historic data to look forward, enabling organizations to make better decisions. However, making accurate predictions from big data can be an overwhelming task. Enter Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a suite of cloud-computing services that bring scalability, elasticity, and automated machine learning to predictive analytics. This course—one of a series by data scientist Kumaran Ponnambalam—shows how to apply the power of GCP to generate predictions for your business. Start off by exploring the different tools and features for predictive analytics in GCP, including Cloud Dataproc, Cloud ML Engine, and the machine learning APIs such as Cloud Translation, Cloud Vision, and Cloud Video Intelligence. Then explore learn how to build, train, and deploy models to create predictions. Plus, learn best practices for cost control, testing, and performance monitoring of predictive models.

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Developers

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud service provider today, ahead of competitors such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It is seen by many as the standard for functional, reliable, interoperable, and affordable cloud services. Developers need to understand what it means to develop on and migrate to the cloud—and comprehend the overall landscape of AWS before diving into the platform. This training course provides a high-level overview just for developers, focusing on the AWS features and services of the most interest to them. Instructor Bear Cahill introduces AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Elastic Bean Stalk, S3, SQS, IAM, EC2, CloudFront, CloudFormation, and many more key features and services.

Note: The topics covered here are important prerequisites for the AWS Certified Developer - Associates exam.

SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
Would you like to work faster and more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS? There is a ton of knowledge in the SOLIDWORKS community that you'll never learn from the documentation. Gabriel Corbett has spent years studying the program, attending conferences, teaching classes, and talking to fellow experts. In this weekly series, he shares his insights with you. These tips and tricks cover many different facets of the program, from renaming files, customizing properties, to sketching and constructing difficult geometry, replacing parts, and drawing links. Each weekly episode is just 2-10 minutes—ensuring maximum returns in a minimum amount of time. Tune in every Wednesday for new SOLIDWORKS tips.

PowerPoint Tips Weekly

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 19:00
You may already be familiar with the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, but there's more to a great presentation than just bullets and text. This weekly series provides quick tips that will improve the look of your slide decks and better engage your audience. Staff instructors Garrick Chow, Nick Brazzi, and Jess Stratton provide new PowerPoint tips every Wednesday, focusing on topics such as creating balance in your slides, formatting, working with photos and video, animating text and objects, and more. Plus, learn how to extend PowerPoint and connect to cloud accounts such as OneDrive and Google Drive. It doesn't matter whether you use PowerPoint for Windows, PowerPoint for Mac, or work exclusively with Office 365; these tips will help all users maximize their productivity and success with PowerPoint.

SharePoint 2019: Customizing with Themes and CSS

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 03:00
SharePoint Online boasts built-in functionality that can help you modify the look and feel of your SharePoint site. Using themes and CSS, you have control over your site's appearance, and can create a more customized experience for your users. In this course, Phil Gold walks through the Microsoft recommended approach for branding SharePoint, and explains how to use built-in tools and CSS to change colors, fonts, navigation, table layouts, and even page elements. He also shares his recommendations for when to use CSS to change branding elements in your SharePoint site, and when it's best to stick with the built-in tools.

Marci Alboher on Encore Careers

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:00
Until recently, most Americans equated the end of a successful career with the beginning of retirement. No more. Now, they want to stay in the game—or better yet, change it. They want to leave a mark, make a difference, and continue to make money. In this course, Marci Alboher, VP of author of The Encore Career Handbook: How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life, walks you through how to jump-start an encore career that may be the most important work you'll ever love. She'll spark your thinking on how much you need to make, when to volunteer, how to harness the power of social media, and more. Throughout the course, Marci shares practical tips and strategies—as well as her own encore journey—to help you find the work that will sustain you in this new stage of life.

Audio Techniques for Film, Video, and Multimedia Weekly

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:00
After spending nearly two decades as a professional audio engineer, Scott Hirsch has amassed a collection of insider tips and techniques that you can only get from years in the studio. In this weekly course, he shares what he's learned with you. Instead of focusing on general audio concepts, Scott shares practical tips that can help audio engineers enhance their workflow for audio-to-video projects and consistently get great-sounding mixes. Learn how to leverage key tools, avoid common pitfalls, work with templates, organize your sessions, and much more. While Scott uses industry-standard audio programs such as Pro Tools throughout the course, the techniques he covers can easily be applied to other systems.

InDesign Quick Start

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:00
Learn Adobe InDesign, the world's most powerful page-layout application, on your lunch break. This short introductory course teaches you the basics of InDesign in under 30 minutes. Once you have these fundamental techniques out of the way, you can move on to more in-depth training and hone your skills in the areas you want to focus. Start here to learn how to add and edit text and graphics, move objects around your layout, and print your design or export it as a PDF for digital sharing.

Looking for a more complete tutorial? Check out instructor David Blatner's follow-up course, InDesign Essential Training.

Go Essential Training

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:00
Go is a next-generation, open-source programming language created by Google, prized for its concurrency and connectivity. Using Go, developers can build modern applications that can actually save companies money on backend resources. This course is designed to help developers be productive with Go, starting with the essentials of the syntax. Learn the basics of Go basic types such as numbers and strings; working with conditionals and loops; creating object-oriented code with structs and methods; and handling errors. Instructor Miki Tebeka also emphasizes the concurrency features such as goroutines and channels, and connectivity features for networking with APIs and databases. For the final project, Mika shows you how to build a highly concurrent server that combines everything you've learned into one elegant solution powered by Go.

First Look: Java 10 and Java 11

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:00
Java 10 and 11 have arrived and developers are eager to use the new features in their projects. This course reviews the latest and greatest versions of Java, released in March and September 2018. Instructor Kathryn Hodge starts with the most noteworthy enhancements in Java 10, such as local variable type inference with the var keyword, application class-data sharing (CDS), thread-local handshakes that enable pausing of a single thread, and Gral, the experimental just-in-time compiler. Then she moves onto Java 11, which allows var to be used for lambda parameters; standardizes the HTTP client; and enables the Java launcher to run a program supplied as a single file of Java source code. Many other performance and security enhancements are reviewed along the way. This course is a great resource for any developer who wants to get up to speed quickly with the latest developments in the Java platform.

Overcoming Procrastination

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:00
Is procrastination preventing you from achieving the goals you want or need to accomplish? In less than half an hour, this course can help you identify why you delay and how you can overcome your procrastination habit once and for all. Instructor and Kelley School of Business senior lecturer Brenda Bailey-Hughes shows how to separate procrastination from other behaviors and identify what causes you to put tasks on the back burner. Throughout the course, Brenda helps you address your procrastination head on, providing strategies that address common reasons for stalling—from boring tasks to an overall lack of confidence.

Reasonable Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:00
In today's connected world, no business is completely secure. The Federal Trade Commission acknowledges there may be breaches that companies can't control. Instead, they require organizations to practice "reasonable cybersecurity." The definition and standard for reasonable cybersecurity is still evolving, but business leaders can achieve compliance by understanding the basic requirements. This course provides an introduction to reasonable cybersecurity, distilling the most important information in under 30 minutes. Learn from the example of Equifax, a company that didn't realize it was vulnerable until it was too late, and explore an FTC-recommended security framework, NIST, that can help you identify, protect, detect, respond to, and recover from security issues, without sacrificing business productivity or innovation. (Author: Kip Boyle)

Adobe Dimension Essential Training: The Basics

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:00
Curious about creating 3D composites? Adobe Dimension CC is a great place to start. This easy-to-use application can help graphic designers of all skill levels achieve photorealistic 3D effects in advertising projects, photography, abstract art, and much more. In this course, Theresa Jackson goes over the very basics of what Adobe Dimension CC can do. She begins by helping you get comfortable with the Dimension workspace, providing an overview of the interface and tool panels. She then walks through how to create, edit, and render a product shot, as well as how to leverage some of the cool features Dimension has to offer, including the ability to fine-tune your composites in Adobe Photoshop.

Project Management Foundations: Integration

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:00
In order to keep a project on track from kickoff to completion, it's critical that you have a mastery of integration management. Project Integration Management ensures all processes in a project run smoothly, and results in a properly synchronized series of deliverables such as the project charter and plan. In this course, Oliver Yarbrough details how to properly approach Project Integration Management, providing project managers with tactical knowledge on how to successfully integrate all the components of a project. Along the way, Oliver goes over each of the key processes in the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area; shares best practices for managing project constraints and facilitating interactions; and acquaints you with emerging trends, including artificial intelligence.

Final Cut Pro X Weekly

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 20:00
Get a new video editing technique every Friday in Final Cut Pro X Weekly. Nick Harauz and Jeff Greenberg share tips and techniques to help you take full advantage of the array of features offered in this popular software. Discover how to leverage the versatility of the Range Selection tool, learn essential keyboard shortcuts, see how to set up workspaces, explore popular third-party plugins, and more. Tune in every week to keep your Final Cut Pro X skills sharp.