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Updated: 22 hours 23 min ago

WordPress: Contact Forms

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 19:00
As a maker of WordPress-powered websites, you've likely needed to create and add many contact forms. In this course, take a closer look at the task of creating contact forms for your WordPress site. Using four different plugins—Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms—instructor Patrick Rauland walks through the process of setting up and configuring each plugin, working with the advanced features in each option, and receiving form submissions. Contact forms are a must-have for any WordPress-powered website, and these plugins—which range from simple and free to complex and pricey—can do a lot more than just ask for names, addresses, and messages. Unleash the power of contact forms, and find the plugin that's right for you.

Microsoft Azure: Design Advanced Applications

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 19:00
Gain the intermediate-level skills you need to design advanced applications in Azure. In this course, Sharon Bennett examines various Azure advanced application solutions. She provides coverage of compute-intensive apps, long-running apps, messaging apps, and hybrid apps. As this is an intermediate-level course, an existing understanding of the Azure platform is required. This course can also serve to deepen the skills of IT professionals wishing to prepare for the 70-534 exam: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Location Photography: From Research to Post-Production

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 19:00
When you're on location, getting the right shot can require imagination, resourcefulness, and even a bit of improvisation. In this course, follow along with photographer Joe McNally as he goes on location to photograph a belly dancer. Throughout the course, Joe highlights his entire workflow—from researching the subject and gathering the right gear for the shoot, to setting up the shot and dealing with on-set challenges, all the way to post-production. He discusses several techniques for working with a dancer, as well as techniques for transforming a location so that it best complements your subject.

Audio Design for Interactive Projects

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 19:00
Sound is a subtle—but critical—aspect of any physical or web-based product. Even if a sound lasts less than a second, it affects how users feel about a product. If the sounds users hear as they navigate a program or unlock a reward in a game are pleasant, they are likely to feel more favorable about the product as a whole. In this course, instructor Nate Mars shares practical approaches to creating user interface sounds for web and physical products—from creative brief to execution. Nate explores working with professional audio tools and digital audio workstations like Ableton Live and Pro Tools; takes you through the end-to-end sound design process; explains how to interpret a creative brief; discusses audio cues that can inform users and create a better sonic experience; and more.

React Native Essential Training

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 19:00
React Native allows you to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React. In this project-based course, learn how to use React Native to build production-ready, native mobile apps on both iOS and Android. To help acquaint you with the fundamentals of React Native, instructor Samer Buna takes a hands-on approach, showing how to build applications from scratch. He first walks through how to build a simple math game, and then demonstrates how to build a data-driven app. Along the way, he shows how to debug and solve common problems, and shares practical knowledge about testing and packaging your apps.

Lean Foundations

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Learn about lean: an operations management approach that means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a value creation process that has zero waste.

Lean concepts have been successfully applied to every aspect of doing business. In this course, learn the principles of lean and how they are used in processes, production, and services. Instructor Steven Brown also explains how lean thinking impacts the organization, from the overall business culture to day-to-day work activities.

Illustrator CC 2017 One-on-One Mastery

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Adobe Illustrator—the powerful vector-based drawing program—offers functionality that you can leverage to create striking, unique works of art. In this course—the third in a comprehensive training series by industry expert Deke McClelland—learn essential Illustrator concepts, in a logical order, on a schedule that works best for you. Learn new shortcuts, how to customize the toolbox, advanced blend mode tricks, how to construct seamlessly repeating patterns, and how to create symbols and custom arrowheads. Deke also covers the logo-making features in Illustrator, the Libraries and Actions panels, applying 3D effects, and more. Each chapter should leave you with a new set of skills—and a sense of accomplishment.

As Creative Cloud evolves, this course gets updated. Check back for new videos, new feature reviews, and new ways to work.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Being accountable is more than just being responsible for something—it's also, ultimately being answerable for your actions. To hold yourself accountable, you must find the motivation to do difficult things. You need to amplify the urgency of your mission, know why it matters, and understand how taking responsibility helps you become the kind of person you want to be. In this course, personal branding expert Dorie Clark helps you adopt the accountability mindset. Dorie outlines specific, practical steps you can take to implement accountability.

Learning LinkedIn Premium Career

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Find your next job—or simply get ahead in your field—with LinkedIn Premium Career. In this course, Garrick Chow highlights the features and benefits of this service from LinkedIn. Garrick begins with showing how to optimize your LinkedIn profile by updating your photo, summary, skills, and endorsements. He shows how to find companies of interest, and how to use Insights to see how you stack up against a prospective company's employees and other applicants. Garrick offers best practices for reaching out to key contacts and recruiters via InMail. Finally, he demonstrates how to apply for a job directly on LinkedIn, as well as how to boost your existing skill set by leveraging LinkedIn Learning.

Marketing Foundations: Value Proposition Development

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Your value proposition—which clearly defines what makes your offering unique, and motivates prospects to buy and remain loyal—is one of the most crucial components of your marketing. In this course, join Chris Goward as he walks through how to craft a great value proposition. Chris first discusses the importance of the value proposition, and helps you determine how your prospects perceive the features and benefits of your product or service. He also showcases the components of a great value proposition by defining its tangible features, and showing examples of how to use intangible benefit tactics to drive your growth marketing. Plus, he goes into the importance of understanding price, cost, and the power of free. By the end of this course, you'll have a framework to create your own exceptional value propositions.

Illustrator CC 2015 One-on-One: Mastery

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Sharpen your Adobe Illustrator skills by tackling more advanced techniques. In this course—the third in a comprehensive training series by industry expert Deke McClelland—learn essential Illustrator concepts, in a logical order, on a schedule that works best for you. In this installment, Deke helps you attain mastery at this powerful vector graphics editor by familiarizing you with some of its more advanced features. Learn new shortcuts, advanced blend mode tricks, how to customize the toolbox, and how to create gradient meshes. Plus, Deke explains how to create symbols and custom arrowheads, graph numerical data, apply cool 3D effects, and much more.

Planning an AWS Solution

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Are you an IT professional considering making a move to the cloud? If so, this course can help you get up to speed with one of the most popular and powerful cloud solutions on the market—Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instructor Ryan Spence helps to acquaint you with the benefits and drawbacks of AWS, and takes a deep dive into the services it offers. He explores how to use AWS for big data work, including the AWS options for warehouse services. He also showcases the platform's backup and recovery options; discusses its mobile service solutions; and covers bringing IoT solutions together with the AWS IoT platform.

Swift 4 Essential Training

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Since its debut in 2014, Swift has broken ground as a programming language that's particularly expressive, fast, and safe. In this course, instructor Harrison Ferrone helps you gain hands-on experience with Swift 4, and prepares you to start developing your own iOS apps and games by using this fun, popular language. Beginning with an overview of its releases and features, Harrison takes you through each component of the language. He covers variables and constants, core array methods, functions, classes and structs, and more—explaining what you need to know to become proficient in programming with Swift.

Fusion 360: Designing for Plastics

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:00
Plastic has unique properties not shared by other materials, and injection molding has a number of constraints that must be accommodated in the design process. These constraints are different from other manufacturing techniques like 3D printing and subtractive manufacturing. As a result, if you're designing something that will eventually be created in plastic, considering the complexities of manufacturing in your design process is critical. You'll need to learn how to do things a bit differently than you would for other materials and processes. In this course, learn how to design for injection molding even when using additive manufacturing to create a prototype in plastic using Fusion 360. Instructor Thom Tremblay explains how to create a form, complete and visualize your design, set it up for 3D printing, all while designing a ready-to-manufacture part.

Android Development: Concurrent Programming

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
Make your Android apps more efficient by managing processes in multiple threads. Although threads share resources, you can divide work so that tasks can be performed simultaneously. Still, programming multiple threads (aka concurrent programming) can be a challenge even for experienced developers. This course introduces concurrent programming concepts and techniques specific to Android.

First, discover how to create and start simple background threads, and how to use handlers to manage a thread's message queue. Then, learn various methods for optimizing the scheduling and performance of background tasks in Android with AsyncTask, intent services, and the JobScheduler API. Plus, explore tools that help you implement multithreading for different tasks in Android: Loader, for asynchronous data loading, and the open-source API Retrofit, for making HTTP requests.

Note: To get the most out of this course, you should be comfortable programming with Java, and should understand the most basic skills that are needed to build Android apps with the Android SDK and Android Studio. (Author: David Gassner)

Maya Bifröst: Fluids

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
Bifröst for Maya 2018 includes many welcome updates to the liquid simulation plugin, Bifröst Fluids. With Maya 2018.1, Arnold supports exciting new ways to render fluids in better fidelity without heavy mesh caches. This course takes an overview of simulating liquids in Bifröst and rendering in Arnold. For convincing materials, instructor Aaron F. Ross shows how to extract fluid dynamics data such as vorticity and apply it in an Arnold shading network. To finish the exploration of fluids, he takes a look at Bifröst foam, which generates secondary particles from the main fluid.

Forecasting Using Financial Statements

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
Learn where a company is headed and the resources it will need to succeed. Forecasting with Financial Statements provides a deep dive into the mathematics of financial forecasting. Dig into the numbers and find out how to build a complete forecast from start to finish, using Excel or Google Sheets. Yash Patel dissects an income statement and balance sheet to calculate pro-forma predictions for revenue, equipment, sales cost, and more. He also shows the math behind simple forecasting techniques, such as the naive approach, simple moving average, and exponential smoothing. He also shows how to build cash flow projections, calculating earnings before interest and taxes, depreciation and capital expenditures, and net working capital. Yash also uses data to create regressions that can extrapolate and forecast for a given independent value. By the end of this course, you should be able to provide projections for a business using nothing more than commonly available financial statements.

Building HTML5 Forms with Dreamweaver

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
Learn how to use the built-in tools in Dreamweaver to create rich, accessible web forms. In this course, instructor David Karlins shows how to use HTML5, CSS3, and the form-creation tools and code assistance features in Dreamweaver to build modern-looking forms that are responsive and easy to use, whether displayed on a desktop or mobile device. He also shows how to validate the data you receive with HTML5 form input types. Plus, learn how to style the forms to match the look of your website. By the end of the course, you'll have the necessary skills to build forms to take orders, collect contact information, and solicit feedback from your users—making your websites more interactive and engaging.

Technical Sales: The Role of the Sales Engineer

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
Salespeople sell the product. Developers build the product. Sales engineers bridge the gap. Sales engineering, also known as technical sales, in an in-demand and well-paid role. But many people don't know the job even exists. This course introduces the role and responsibilities of the sales engineer, along with the main concepts of technical sales. It is designed for salespeople who want to enter Silicon Valley and the engineers who want a more customer-oriented role. Instructor John Care shows how to uncover business problems, link those problems to your solution, and present it to the customer for consideration. He also provides tips for making an effective sales pitch. Start watching to learn more about this exciting new sales career.

After Effects CC 2018: Editors and Post Essential Training

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 19:00
In this course, Alan Demafiles covers the core aspects of After Effects commonly used in editing and post production: masks, shapes, type, logos, stills, animating, rendering, and exporting. To begin, Alan compares After Effects to Premiere Pro so you can see the similarities and differences. Then he dives into hands-on demonstrations of how to limit effects with masks, create elements with shape layers, use text templates, animate a logo, and create a 3D type extrusion. Next he shows you how to work with imported pictures, create a Z-space camera montage, change the speed of animations, and more. He wraps up by walking through outputting steps and then kicks off a challenge exercise where you can put your skills into practice.