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Career Clinic: Developer Insights

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 19:00
Get career advice and insights from tech [in]structors—practicing developers who teach for LinkedIn Learning. Ray Villalobos, Rae Hoyt, and other working professionals provide relevant, targeted advice for those entering the tech industry and those who want to progress to the next stage in their careers. Meet a different developer each week, as they share stories about starting out, getting hired, finding mentors, improving their skills, and working on their favorite projects. Each interview is full of helpful job hunting tips and guidance for navigating today's fast-paced tech world. (Author: LinkedIn Learning Developer Instructor)

Getting Started with Cloud Native Go

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 19:00
This course is your one-stop guide to getting started with building cloud-native architectures in Go. It begins by introducing the cloud native stack and microservices. Next, implementing a simple Go microservice is covered, including the REST API with the standard Go library. Then, find out how to work with Docker and microservice containerization. Finally, discover how you can use Kubernetes and scale deployments.

This course was created and produced by Packt Publishing. We are honored to host this training in our library. (Author: Mario-Leander Reimer)

Rhino: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 19:00
Learn how to work faster and smarter with Rhino, the 3D modeling powerhouse that helps you design and engineer nearly any kind of product you can dream of. In this weekly series, Dave Schultze shares his favorite strategies for working with this powerful software. He dives into a variety of topics, including how to use his own intersection technique to quickly create complex shapes, and helps you sharpen your 3D modeling skills by showing how to work with different kinds of objects in Rhino—from space helmets to mittens. Tune in every Tuesday for a new Rhino trick to speed up your 3D modeling workflow.

Advanced Cloud Native Go

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 19:00
Learn how to implement advanced Go microservices. This course covers platform and framework anatomy, service discovery, microservice configuration, and communication options. First, learn about relevant frameworks and libraries, while also becoming familiar with the elements of a cloud native application. Next, see how Docker and Kubernetes can be used for containerization, composition, and orchestration. Then, find out how to use Consul or registration, lookup, central microservice configuration, and microservice discovery. Finally, watch as communication options are demonstrated—implementing synchronous RPC style communication using a binary protocol, and implementing two forms of asynchronous communication using RabbitMQ or Kafka.

This course was created and produced by Packt Publishing. We are honored to host this training in our library. (Author: Mario-Leander Reimer)

Fusion 360: 3D Printed Product Enclosure

Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:00
Learn how to design product enclosures using Autodesk Fusion 360. This course takes you through a project involving an enclosure of an electronic device so you can follow along and practice modelling. First, setup steps are covered, including tips related to designing for additive manufacturing, obtaining product measurements, and securing connections. Then, see how to insert various parts into an enclosure and position the variety of components. Next, find out how to model the base of an enclose, modify the constraints, and model a cover. Finally, discover how to check the fit of the model and prepare it for 3D printing. (Author: Vladimir Mariano)

Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling

Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:00
Learn how design for the real world with Autodesk Fusion 360 to practice modeling parts that match real-life constraints. This course takes you through how to measure objects and create models for parts that are manufacture-ready. Design basics are covered first, including using the tools in Fusion 360. Then, project-based instructions are provided for creating a battery holder that meets valid constraints. Next, reference drawings are used to demonstrate how to modify dimensions according to various specifications. Additionally, several design and modeling steps are shown, involving sketching, extruding, using calipers, fixing over-constraint errors, adjusting appearances, calibrating canvases, and more. (Author: Vladimir Mariano)

Corporate Video Weekly

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 19:00
Corporate video teams need to be skilled in every aspect of production, not just behind the camera. You need to know how to conduct and stage interviews, record screen capture presentations, record on the go with a smartphone, set up lighting, and even help pick wardrobe. Get tips to improve the quality your corporate video productions, in this weekly series from video gurus Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. Together, they tackle the most common challenges of corporate video, including researching your subject, dressing the part, creating talking points, preparing release forms, capturing the right angles, and getting the best performance from the interview. Plus, learn audio and video recording techniques for creating professional-looking screen capture tutorials and presentations. There's more to learn each week! Tune in every Friday for a new episode of Corporate Video Weekly.

The Marketing of Cool

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 19:00
In this course, YouTube star Curtis Richardson uncovers the building blocks of "cool" as it relates to business and marketing. Curtis explains what "cool" is, where it comes from, and how businesses are working to use it to sell to consumers. He shares insights about the importance of marketing that showcases how you're different. He also discusses the value of offering a type of exclusivity. Additionally, Curtis covers the importance of knowing your audience by learning about demographics and he provides a formula to get you well on your way to leveraging "cool".

Final Cut Pro X 10.3 and 10.4 Essential Training

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 19:00
Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Essential Training offers a thorough exploration of Apple's flagship software and focuses on getting users comfortable with each aspect of the video editing process. Senior staff instructor Ashley Kennedy covers all phases of post-production—from ingest and organization to editing and refining in the timeline, correcting audio, managing media, and delivering the final project. She also covers primary and secondary color correction, and shows how to use effects to change the look and feel of video, audio, and graphics. Each stage of the post-production workflow is explained thoroughly and concisely, using real-world examples within a series of short documentary and promotional projects.

Migrating from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 19:00
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a cloud-based photo service that boasts the photo-enhancing power of Lightroom and allows you to work with your photos wherever you are, and on a variety of different devices. In this course, learn what you need to know to migrate your workflow from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC. Instructor Chris Orwig shows how to prepare your Lightroom Classic CC catalog, migrate into Lightroom CC, and locate and move your original images. Plus, he shares a few workflow tips and advanced shortcuts that can help you better leverage this powerful tool.

Securing Windows Server 2016: Server Hardening Solutions

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:00
Maintaining a secure server environment is one of the most crucial tasks for professionals charged with administering enterprise networks. In this course, learn about server hardening solutions for Windows Server 2016. Ed Liberman explains how to configure file and disk encryption, as well as how to configure patches and updates. Plus, he covers implementing antimalware.

Databases for Node.js Developers

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 19:00
Node.js developers often consider MongoDB to be their main choice when building a data-driven application—but many alternatives may provide better solutions. In this course, learn about the various database options available for Node.js applications, so that you can select the right database for your app. Daniel Khan reviews the basics of relational and nonrelational databases, and explains how—and when—to use document databases with Node.js. He also covers using key-value stores and relational databases with Node.js, demonstrating how to work with MySQL and Sequelize.

Learning Litmos LMS

Sun, 12/10/2017 - 19:00
Litmos is a popular, easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that offers tools and features that can help you create high-quality educational content. In this course, learn how to get started with Litmos, and discover how to best leverage this powerful platform to create courses. Oliver Schinkten shows how to customize your personal profile and account settings, and shares tips for keeping your courses organized using categories. He also explains how to create a new course or learning path; add content to your courses; add users and teams; and use reports and analytics to track the progress of your users, course, and teams.

Java Integration with .NET Framework

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
Are you interested in learning how to use .NET components within a Java environment? In this course, discover how to use Javonet—a framework that was designed for native integration—to access and use .NET assemblies directly from a Java platform. Reynald Adolphe discusses the purpose and significance of integrating Java with .NET, shares integration options, and goes over the challenges and benefits of native integration. He also covers using .NET C# instance and status methods from Java, working with fields and properties, embedding .NET UI controls in a Java interface, and more.

Customer Service: Serving Internal Customers

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
There are many similarities between internal and external customer service—both require helpfulness, empathy, and resourcefulness. What distinguishes internal customer service is that it primarily involves serving coworkers at your company. Companies today recognize that outstanding internal customer service helps employees work more productively and ultimately do a better job serving their external customers.

In this course, learn skills and techniques for providing outstanding internal customer service to colleagues within your organization. Jeff Toister shares how to build positive workplace relationships, communicate effectively, and serve coworkers who can be difficult to work with. He also provides techniques for managing—and exceeding—expectations for internal service, and solving problems quickly and effectively.

Learning DocuSign

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
Learn how to use DocuSign to quickly create, distribute, and manage documents requiring electronic signatures. In this brief, focused course, Nick Brazzi helps you get started with this popular electronic signature solution. Nick shows how to digitally sign documents you receive from DocuSign users, as well as how to set up your own DocuSign account. He demonstrates how to upload your documents to DocuSign; add signers and other recipients; insert fields for signatures and other important data; and distribute your documents for signatures. Nick also explains how to monitor pending documents, store and manage fully-executed documents, and decline documents that you deem inappropriate for you to sign.

Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2016 Together

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
By combining the power of Microsoft Excel and Access 2016, you can build better end-user solutions and greatly enhance your own personal productivity. In this course, learn how to leverage Excel and Access, and get the most out of both tools working together. Robin Hunt shares strategies and techniques that can help you work smarter with these two programs, and avoid needing to manually rebuild each time you run reports by building solutions. Robin kicks off the course by reviewing how Excel and Access can be used together, and explaining how to build tables and calculate data in these two programs. She also explains how to work with imports and exports, automate using macros and the AutoExec, build forms and reports, and more.

Origami Studio for UX Design

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
Developed by the designers at Facebook, Origami Studio is a free UX prototyping tool designed to bring your mobile and web project ideas to life. Join Tom Green as he shows how to create interactive prototypes that work on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with Origami. First, learn the fundamentals of using Origami Studio layers and its unique system of patches—plug-and-play components for quickly adding interaction, animation, and behavior to your prototypes. From there you can learn how to add Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator content to your Origami Studio project and add interactivity, rich media, and motion. Then discover how to apply what you have learned to create a delightful variety of interactive prototypes and discover how to preview and test those prototypes on your devices.

Cert Prep: MCSA Office 365

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 19:00
The job market for IT professionals has grown increasingly more competitive, with highly- skilled individuals often jostling for the same positions. Earning a technical certification can help you navigate this challenging landscape by providing proof of your expertise. In this brief course, learn tips and techniques that can help you prepare for the 70-346 and 70-347 exams—the two required tests you must pass to earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Office 365 certification. Brian Culp shares best practices for preparing for these exams, discusses prerequisite skills, and calls out other courses that can help guide you along the path to MCSA certification in Office 365. Plus, he walks through how to sign up for the exams, take the tests, and interpret your score.

What To Do When You Are Bullied at Work

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 19:00
What should you do when you are bullied at work? Catherine Mattice Zundel, an internationally recognized expert in workplace bullying, explains why bullying happens and how to empower yourself to improve your situation. She provides action steps and role-play scenarios to help those who are bullied build up their confidence and confront the bully, prepare documentation to bring to a conversation with HR, and more.