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Informational Interviewing

Lynda.com - Tue, 07/04/2017 - 20:00
If you are looking for a job, considering a new career, or trying to advance in your current career, you can benefit from informational interviews—one of the most effective ways to build your professional network. In this course, learn how to incorporate informational interviewing into your job search, how to get started, what to expect, and how to follow up. (Author: Barbara Bruno)

Illustrator: Creating Custom Brushes

Lynda.com - Tue, 07/04/2017 - 20:00
Create compelling and unique works of art by making custom Adobe Illustrator brushes. By customizing the brushes that you use, your illustrations can become more original, intricate, and complex. The results can include characteristics of real-world brushes, meaning you can achieve similar effects in an easy and fun way. In this course, Emily Kay shows you how to make custom brushes. First, Emily provides an overview of brush types. Then, she takes you through modification options for several brushes: calligraphic, scatter, art, bristle, and pattern. She also shows you how to layer and merge brushes and save brushes for future use.

Financial Forecasting with Big Data

Lynda.com - Tue, 07/04/2017 - 20:00
Big data is transforming the world of business. Yet many people don't understand what big data and business intelligence are, or how to apply the techniques to their day-to-day jobs. This course addresses that knowledge gap, giving businesspeople practical methods to create quick and relevant business forecasts using big data.

Join Professor Michael McDonald and discover how to use predictive analytics to forecast key performance indicators of interest, such as quarterly sales, projected cash flow, or even optimized product pricing. All you need is Microsoft Excel. Michael uses the built-in formulas, functions, and calculations to perform regression analysis, calculate confidence intervals, and stress test your results. You'll walk away from the course able to immediately begin creating forecasts for your own business needs.

Advertising on YouTube

Lynda.com - Tue, 07/04/2017 - 20:00
In this course, marketing expert Anson Alexander shows you how advertising works on YouTube. Anson demonstrates how to upload videos, create campaigns, set a budget, and target the right audience using Google AdWords. He explains how to create ad groups and target users by demographics. He also shows you how to measure the performance of your video content and then make adjustments based on the analytics.

Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
You have a small core modular or semi-modular synth, and you're wondering: What should I add next to grow the capabilities of my system? And how can I get the most out of what I buy? In this extensive course, synth designer Chris Meyer reveals the important utility or "glue" modules you need to expand a core system such as a Moog Mother-32, and then explores a selection of the wide range of modules available in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. Each chapter on a module type—such as oscillators, filters, modulators, and more—starts with a general movie showing you what features to look for in a module and how to patch it into your system, and then dives into three contrasting, representative examples of modules available inside that category. Along the way, Chris reveals a wide variety of synthesis tricks and techniques for the performer or sound designer, with styles ranging from melodic to dance to noise/industrial.

This course has been designed as the logical follow-up to the original Learning Modular Synthesis or Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 courses, and should be helpful to a wide range of modular synthesists.

After Effects CC 2017 Essential Training: Editors and Post

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
In this course, Alan Demafiles covers the core aspects of After Effects commonly used in editing and post production: masks, shapes, type, logos, stills, animating, rendering, and exporting. To begin, Alan compares After Effects to Premiere Pro so you can see the similarities and differences. Then he dives into hands-on demonstrations of how to limit effects with masks, create elements with shape layers, use text templates, animate a logo, and create a 3D type extrusion. Next he shows you how to work with imported pictures, create a Z-space camera montage, change the speed of animations, and more. He wraps up by walking through outputting steps and then kicks off a challenge exercise where you can put your skills into practice.

Managing Up, Down and Across the Organization

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
If you work in a large organization, chances are you need to manage relationships with all levels, including your boss, peers, and direct reports. In this course, leadership coach, consultant, and best-selling author Roberta Matuson helps you manage relationships up, down, and across. She teaches you how to stand out with your boss while also pushing back when needed; how to build productive relationships and credibility with your direct reports; and how to effectively use influence with peers and other co-workers to get what you need.

After Effects & Element 3D: Animating a Scene with Water

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
Learn how to create an animated shower scene for a product visualization inside Adobe After Effects. The complete scene features a chrome showerhead, water streams, steam, and a realistic background—all built in true 3D space with Element 3D, an AE plugin that makes it easy to build 3D objects and particle systems. Explore different shooting angles with the scene camera, and learn to add a depth-of-field camera. Discover how to completely automate the stream speed and thickness in a very natural looking way, all with sliding controllers. Then turn that effect into multiple similar (but not identical) streams, for a realistic shower spray.

This is a project-based learning experience. Each step of the process is rich with object lessons that are applicable to the variations that a motion design and compositing artist will face in the real world. (Author: Ran Ben Avraham)

Marketing with Social Bookmarking

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
Learn how to discover and curate links that engage your customers by developing and implementing a strategic approach to social bookmarking. Marketing and social media expert Martin Waxman shows you how to create a social bookmarking process with Diigo, an easy-to-use knowledge management tool. He explains how to set up goals, research your audience and what they need, find the right content to share, measure your results, and more.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
Use big data to tell your customer's story, with predictive analytics. In this course, you can learn about the customer life cycle and how predictive analytics can help improve every step of the customer journey.

Start off by learning about the various phases in a customer's life cycle. Explore the data generated inside and outside your business, and ways the data can be collected and aggregated within your organization. Then review three use cases for predictive analytics in each phase of the customer's life cycle, including acquisition, upsell, service, and retention. For each phase, you also build one predictive analytics solution in Python. In the final videos, author Kumaran Ponnambalam introduces best practices for creating a customer analytics process from the ground up.

Time Management for Managers

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
When you begin to manage people, organizing your time reaches a whole new level of complexity—team members may need more time with you than you're anticipating, direct reports may frequently come by your desk with questions, and you may receive more emails than you can keep up with. As a manager, you want to make sure you're being productive with your time while setting a good example for your team.

In this course, best-selling author Dave Crenshaw offers managers at all levels practical strategies for efficient time management. Dave covers time management best practices for managing people, including delegating tasks, managing expectations, and establishing productive one-on-one meetings. He also provides helpful tips for managing projects, including how to coordinate multiple projects, allocate scarce resources, hold a team accountable to deadlines, and communicate deadline changes when necessary. Additionally, Dave covers how to manage priorities, including using your calendar as a prioritization tool, keeping your meetings action-focused, and shifting priorities when the need arises.

Illustrator CC 2017 One-on-One Advanced

Lynda.com - Sun, 07/02/2017 - 20:00
Learn how to be the best Adobe Illustrator user you know. This comprehensive, project-based course is the second in a series of three courses by industry pro Deke McClelland. In this course, Deke doesn't just talk about how to leverage different Illustrator features—he ties each concept to a clearly-defined task, ensuring that you close out each section of the course with a practical understanding of the concepts. Discover how to convert scanned line art to scalable, vector-based path outlines using the automated Image Trace feature. Plus, learn how to make a logo using the transformation tools, create an emoji with the Gradient tool, and turn a simple circle into an intricate origami flower with the program's dynamic effects.