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Cert Prep: Unity Scripting and Publishing

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
Validate your programming skills and knowledge of foundational game design by becoming a Unity Certified Developer. In this course, prepare for the Unity Certified Developer exam by exploring the fundamentals of building scripts to create common gameplay mechanics. Alan Thorn covers the basics of scripting, demonstrating how to create a script file, configure a code editor, and use variables. He also discusses gameplay mechanics, including how to spawn and delete objects. Plus, he explains how to work with coroutines, create desktop builds, and use Cloud Build to create and share builds.

Building and Deploying Applications with TensorFlow

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
TensorFlow is one of the most popular deep learning frameworks available. It's used for everything from cutting-edge machine learning research to building new features for the hottest start-ups in Silicon Valley. In this course, learn how to install TensorFlow and use it to build a simple deep learning model. After he shows how to get TensorFlow up and running, instructor Adam Geitgey demonstrates how to create and train a machine learning model, as well as how to leverage visualization tools to analyze and improve your model. Finally, he explains how to deploy models locally or in the cloud. When you wrap up this course, you'll be ready to start building and deploying your own models with TensorFlow.

Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development 4: Binding, Command, and Converters

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
Discover how to work with Xamarin.Forms to create native apps on iOS, Android, and Windows from a single shared code base. In this course—the fourth installment in the nine-part Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development series—explore binding, command, and converter concepts. Scott Peterson discusses various techniques for binding data and resources to different element properties in Xamarin.Forms, and shares common binding scenarios. He also covers how to separate actions from events using the command logic, discusses value converters and how they can simplify binding scenarios, and more.

Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development 5: Dependency Services

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
Dependency services allow Xamarin.Forms developers to include platform-specific functionality in their apps. In this installment of the nine-part Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development series, Scott Peterson takes a deep dive into dependency services. He discusses essential interface and registration concepts, and explains how to call and create a dependency service. Plus, he demonstrates how to use dependency services to add platform-specific features to the news reader app he's been working on throughout the series.

Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development 6: Data and Storage Strategies

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
The ability to store, access, and synchronize data across multiple devices—including phones, desktops, and tablets—is crucial to a high-quality user experience. Xamarin.Forms can help you address this need by making it easier to work with different platforms that have dissimilar concepts of local storage. In this installment of the nine-part Mastering Xamarin.Forms Development series, Scott Peterson tackles data storage in cross-platform apps built with Xamarin.Forms. Here, he discusses three common storage strategies in detail: local storage using dependency services to abstract platform differences, local database storage using SQLite, and offline storage and synchronization.

Business Ethics for Sales Professionals

Lynda.com - Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:00
Regardless of your profession, the subject of ethics is an important one to review. That said, it's particularly critical for sales professionals, who are in contact with many different people and exposed to a variety of business settings. In this course, explore examples of tricky situations that salespeople often encounter, and learn how to behave ethically while dealing with the pressure to deliver results. Sales coach Dean Karrel explores ethical business practices for dealing with expense accounts, working offsite, giving and accepting gifts, hiring and firing, and more.

Photoshop and Lightroom: Mobile, Desktop, and Cloud

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
Free yourself from the confines of your computer! With Adobe's mobile apps (Lightroom for mobile, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix), you can perform a wide variety of photo-management, photo-enhancement, and photo-manipulation jobs while on the go. Combine these apps with Lightroom and Photoshop CC and you have a powerful environment that lets you be creative anywhere. In this course, Adobe's head of outreach and collaboration, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, shows you how to use these apps together to complete a variety of photo and design projects. He also shows how to easily move your work to the desktop for further refinement and post it to some of Adobe's popular sharing sites (like Slate and Behance).

Enterprise Agile: Growing Scrum

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is an enterprise agile framework that allows you to scale up your agile mindset for use on large, enterprise-level products. In this course—an installment in a larger series on enterprise agile—learn the fundamentals of LeSS, and discover how to leverage this framework to enhance the overall efficiency of your organization's product delivery. Doug Rose covers key concepts such as LeSS principles and Larman's Laws and explains how LeSS upsizes key scrum roles to help product owners and scrum masters successfully tackle bigger projects. Plus, he covers how LeSS tackles sprint planning, working in component teams, and team coordination, as well as how to organize a sprint review and overall retrospective.

InVision for UX Design

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
InVision is a platform that provides UX designers with a set of powerful tools for creating interactive prototypes, collaborating with teammates, and managing their UX design workflow. In this course, learn how to leverage these tools to quickly and efficiently create high-quality prototypes. Emmanuel Henri familiarizes you with the interface, and explains how to create and share boards. He also shares how to sync assets, share assets across projects and teams with Craft, provide feedback across distributed teams and workgroups, and more.

Business Math

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
If you lack a zest for numbers, you may have been tempted to disregard math after wrapping up your formal education. But while you may struggle to find practical applications for vector calculus, numbers are everywhere, and grasping certain fundamental mathematical concepts can help you better understand the world around you.

In this course, join accounting professors Jim and Kay Stice as they help you discover how to leverage the power of numbers to approach businesses problems and make everyday decisions. They explore the power of ratios and percentages, how to monitor and evaluate your budget, how to forecast the timing and amount of a business loan, and much more. (Authors: Jim Stice, Earl Kay Stice)

InVision Craft for UX Design

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
InVision Craft is suite of plugins that equip designers with tools that simplify some of the more tedious tasks in their UX design workflow and, in turn, speed up the entire process. In this course, learn how to use Craft to enhance your UX design workflow in Sketch and Photoshop, so that you can devote more time to the business of being creative. To begin, Emmanuel Henri explains how to set up Craft, demonstrates how it works in both Sketch and Photoshop, and discusses the different Craft tools. He then explains how to leverage the Data, Duplicate, Library, Freehand, and Prototype tools to quickly create high-quality prototypes in Sketch and Photoshop.

Building Deep Learning Applications with Keras 2.0

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
Keras is a popular programming framework for deep learning that simplifies the process of building deep learning applications. Instead of providing all the functionality itself, it uses either TensorFlow or Theano behind the scenes and adds a standard, simplified programming interface on top. In this course, learn how to install Keras and use it to build a simple deep learning model. Explore the many powerful pre-trained deep learning models included in Keras and how to use them. Discover how to deploy Keras models, and how to transfer data between Keras and TensorFlow so that you can take advantage of all the TensorFlow tools while using Keras. When you wrap up this course, you'll be ready to start building and deploying your own models with Keras. (Author: Adam Geitgey)

ScreenFlow 7 Essential Training

Lynda.com - Mon, 07/31/2017 - 20:00
In the world of elearning, ScreenFlow is known for allowing for streamlined screen-capture recording and editing. In this course, learn how to capture your screen to create training courses using ScreenFlow. Join Chris Mattia as he demonstrates how to record your screen and your voice, and then edit the content to effectively tell your story. Chris also shows how to engage your audience by creating animations, callouts, and accessible captions. This course wraps up with best practices for sharing your content in multiple formats and on multiple video hosting services.