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Data Management Planning Services at the Library

Did you know the Library can provide access to tools and hands-on support when student and faculty researchers want to manage their data?

Data Management Plans. Library staff experienced in writing data management plans can help your project team or lab think holistically about relevant issues and proactively seek solutions to challenges that may arise over the course of your research. We can also help review an existing data management plan to help update it over time. You can connect with useful resources and tools using the Library’s data management guide.

DMPTool Support. DMPTool is a free online tool that provides comprehensive guidance to researchers writing data management plans. This includes examples of actual plans created by DMPTool users who have opted to share their plans publicly. If you would like help using DMPTool, contact digitalscholarship@georgetown.edu to schedule a consultation.

Collaboration on Proposals. Many grant applications now require data management plans. Coordination with library staff on your data management plan can enhance its appeal to funding organizations and ensure compliance with data access, sharing, and long-term preservation requirements.

DigitalGeorgetown. The institutional repository provides a stable platform for sharing and maximizing the exposure of research output. This includes datasets, which DigitalGeorgetown can accept in almost any discrete file type. Consider sharing your data either standalone or as a supplement to a publication, thesis, or dissertation. Contact digitalscholarship@georgetown.edu for more information.

ORCID. As datasets become an increasingly important research output, the need for effective attribution tools and practices grows, too. Georgetown University Library supports ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), an organization that can help you manage your professional identity. Sign up for your own unique identifier, and then use it to connect your works across your career. This will also contribute to enabling appropriate data attribution, and ORCID iDs integrate with tools like DataCite and figshare

Are there other ways the library could support your research? Please let us know.