All Main Campus Library facilities are open and operating at full capacity to Georgetown faculty, students, and staff. The Library will be closed to external community members and guests through December 2021, with limited exceptions. Find the most current information available on the Library's COVID-19 FAQ.

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Guest Computer Use Policies for Public Patrons

The primary purpose of Georgetown University Library computers and computer equipment is to meet the research and information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the University. They have priority in the use of all services, resources and facilities. The Library offers public patrons the use of guest computers, consistent with the following policies.

Guest Computer Use Policies:

  • Public patrons may use the seven guest computers on the 3rd floor opposite the Circulation Desk up to three hours per calendar day. The three hours do not need to be used consecutively; patrons may log-in and log-out multiple times throughout the calendar day.  Having time does not guarantee a computer will be available; guest computers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Unused time cannot be reserved for future days.
  • Public patrons must register for guest computer use the first time they wish to use the public computers and have a record created. Records are created at the Lauinger Circulation Desk by Access Services staff. When registering patrons must show the photo ID used to gain entry to Lauinger Library. Once the record is created guests can login to a guest computer using his or her Login ID and password that day.
  • The three hours are non-transferable. Patrons cannot give hours to a second patron. If this occurs both parties will be barred from using guest computers. The Library reserves the right to see photo ID at any time of patrons on the guest computers
  • Public patrons may use the six Catalog Access Stations located between the Circulation and Reference desks to search the Library's catalog without registering. These PCs are limited to Georgetown University related websites only.
  • The Library is not responsible for a patron's loss of or damage to data, documents or disks while using a guest computer.
  • Do not attempt to save data directly onto the desktop of a guest computer.
  • The Library is not responsible for loss of data due to service interruptions. Patrons are responsible for saving their data frequently to an external source while they are working.
  • The Library is not responsible for any issues related with the use of an external data storage device.
  • Library staff cannot assist in the recovery of data.
  • Unattended guest computers are available for another patron to use. 
  • Do not leave personal belongings at a guest computer when you leave the computer.  Unattended items may be sent to the Georgetown University Police Department.
  • Strictly observe all copyright laws.
  • Do not make copies of guest computer software.
  • Do not install software on any guest computer.
  • Logout at the end of each session to prevent others from using any remaining time.
  • The Library will make no changes to the computer settings or configurations for guest use. Guests are required to use the computer as-is.

Patrons who fail to comply with these policies will lose their guest computer privileges.