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Data Services

The Georgetown University Library provides the GU community support working with data through consultations, tools recommendations, and workshops. 

spreadsheet Data Curation and Management

Data curation and management are important for effective data organization, storage, preservation and reuse. 

globe GIS Services 

The Library provides consultations and access to tools for finding geographic data and creating maps. 

convex hull data visualization Data Visualization

Data Visualization can help you see patterns in data and present data to others. The Library offers recommendations for tools to create visualizations, book recommendations and playlists to get you started. The Library also offers workshops on creating visualizations. 

network graph Networked Data Services

Networked data is comprised of data points with a relationship to one or more other data points. The Library offers consultations and software for working with networked data.

 Software Solutions

The Library Information Technology group developed custom solutions for some of their data tasks. These are available open-source for others to use.


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