Interested to learn more about digital scholarship methods and tools? This Spring, the Library is offering a 1-credit undergrad course on digital research methods!

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Digital Scholarship in the Classroom

Digital assignments that allow students to engage with digital scholarship tools and methods in the classroom can enrich the learning experience and expose students to new skills. The public nature of digital projects can also help students learn to write and create for an audience beyond the classroom. 


Mapping Projects


Text Mining Projects

  • Explore texts with distant reading techniques as a class, in small groups, or individually. This works well as an in-class assignment but can also be a homework assignment. Tool: Voyant Tools  (




Digital Exhibits

  • For a more robust digital project, have students curate a digital exhibit. This works best as a final project where students are given plenty of time to research, design, and create their exhibits. Tool: Omeka ( installed on Georgetown Domains (

Support for all of these tools, and more, is available at the Library! 

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