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Featured Digital Scholarship Projects

The following are a selection of digital scholarship projects, chosen to highlight some of the digital work happening on Georgetown’s campus and to inspire others to consider incorporating digital methods into their research. 



Digital Annotation: "Le meditazioni della vita di Cristo" di un frate minore del secolo XIV (1933)

Creator: Sarah McNamer, Associate Professor of English and Medieval Studies

Institution: Georgetown University, English Department

Synopsis: This is a digital annotation of a critical edition of a medieval manuscript from the 1930s. It accompanies a forthcoming book by Dr. McNamer on the manuscript.

Tools & Services Used: Library digitization services, DigitalGeorgetown, help with digital annotation from library staff




Data Visualization on Human Development and Its Policy Factors

Creator: Mo Zhou, Master of Public Policy '17

Institution: Georgetown University, McCourt School of Public Policy

Synopsis: These data visualizations explore the human development index (HDI) and its relationships with some policy factors that can potentially influence human development.

Tools & Services Used: Picchi Multimedia Room, Photoshop, Illustrator, Tableau




Bookworm: HathiTrust Digital Library

Creators: Ben Schmidt (Northwestern), Matt Nicklay, Neva Cherniausky Durand, Martin Camacho and Erez Lieberman Aiden (Cultural Observatory)

Institution: HathiTurst

Synopsis: Enables users to search and visually explore lexical trends in the HathiTrust Digital Library

Tools & Services Used: This is a custom-built tool. The creators have made the code available at Culturomics, so users can create the same search and visual exploration layer for their own corpora.