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Metadata Services

Metadata Services Unit

The Metadata Services Unit organizes, describes, and processes materials to provide access to tangible and intangible resources via the Library’s discovery tools, including GEORGE, and for digital objects in the Library’s content management systems, including DigitalGeorgetown. Unit members serve as metadata resources for the Georgetown Libraries and consult on a variety of digital initiatives. The Unit creates and maintains metadata in records for enhanced discovery of materials in a variety of formats, languages, and subject areas. It also performs inventory control, physical processing of items, and receiving and routing of materials purchased by or donated to the Library. Staff participate in a number of national and international cooperative metadata related programs, including contributing bibliographic and authority/identity records to the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (NACO, BIBCO, CONSER) databases and the Library of Congress’ Cataloging-in-Publication program (eCIP).


Have questions or want help getting started? Contact us: digitalscholarship@georgetown.edu