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Tableau Bootcamp

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In this jam-packed, four-hour Tableau Bootcamp, participants will learn how to create compelling, interactive visualizations using Tableau Desktop. Tableau is popular across a variety of industries because it allows users to easily glean insights from their data and present their findings in a beautiful and clean fashion.

Participants will learn best practices of data visualization, understand how to prep their data for a project, and make different chart types. Participants will also learn how to use filters, parameters, calculated fields, and running table calculations in Tableau. Finally, participants will learn how to effectively present their work by designing a dashboard.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with Tableau Desktop pre-downloaded. (Due to the popularity of Tableau workshops, please don't register for this bootcamp if you've already attended the Data Viz Workshop Series or other Tableau courses at the library.)  Register for this workshop.

Instructor: Nikoo Yahyazadeh, Gelardin Multimedia Specialist

April 5, 2019
Picchi Lab, Gelardin New Media Center