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Musical Manuscripts by Vittorio Rieti

Leon Robbin Gallery
February 15, 2003
April 30, 2003



Vittorio Rieti (1898-1994), an American composer of Italian descent, was born in Alexandria, Egypt. His first musical studies in Milan were interrupted by the First World War. During the 20s he continued his work with Alfredo Casella and Ottorino Respighi in Rome. Associated during this time with Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Hindemith, and others, and dividing his time between Rome and Paris, Rieti achieved public notice with Barabau, a ballet written for Diaghilev, and incidental music for plays by Louis Jouvet. He emigrated to the United States in 1940 and became a citizen in 1944, pursuing a teaching career at the Peabody Conservatory and other institutions until his retirement in 1964.
Photograph of Rieti, ca. 1942, from the collection of James P. J. Murphy.

Items in the Exhibition:

Sketches for Kaleidoscope (1987)

Autograph manuscript of this orchestral suite, partly in piano score, partly in orchestrated full score, with performance markings including tempo and dynamics. In wire-bound notebook, 64 pages.

Sketches for Scenes Seen (1975)

Autograph manuscript, sketches for the ballet commissioned by the Indianapolis Ballet; the ink markings on these pages may or may not be intentional. In wire-bound notebook, 48 pages.

Sketches for Scenes Seen (1975)

Autograph manuscript. The section displayed may well be from another work. In wire-bound notebook, 48 pages.

Preliminary sketches for Sestetto pro Gemini (1975)

Autograph manuscript. Together with sketches for the ballet Scenes Seen of the same year. In wire-bound notebook, 48 pages.

Sketches for Romanza Lidica (1984)

Autograph manuscript of this piece for clarinet and piano. Together with sketches for the wind quintet Silografie (1967) and other works. In wire-bound notebook, 48 pages.

Sketch entitled Valse fugitive (1986 or 1987)

Autograph manuscript, part of a series of sketches for Kaleidoscope (1987), Toccata (Perpetuum mobile) for piano solo (1986), and other works. In wire-bound notebook, 48 pages.