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In Vogue: A Look Back at Student Fashion at Georgetown

Stephen Richard Kerbs Exhibit Area
June 29, 2011
August 24, 2011


Selected images from the University Archives





Required student clothing as stated in the College Prospectus, 1798

College students on the steps of Healy Hall, 1897

Visitation students, ca. 1900

H. Grattan Shields in a raccoon coat and hat, The Hoya, 1941

Military Ball, Ye Domesday Booke, 1954

Excerpts from Miss "G" Goes to Georgetown, 1964

Ye Domesday Booke, 1968

Ye Domesday Booke 1970

Student reminiscence on fashion, Ye Domesday Booke, 1970

Ye Domesday Booke 1972

Ye Domesday Booke 1984

Fashion Issue, The Voice, 1996

Fashion Issue, The Voice, 2003

Co-Curators: David Gibbs (Research & Instruction Librarian) and Emma Green (C ’12)