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Upcoming Exhibitions

Fairchild Gallery and Special Collections Gallery

The House That Walsh Built: A Century of Georgetown's School of Foreign Service


Father Edmund A. Walsh

At the conclusion of World War One, the United States emerged as a leading nation in trade, international politics, and military power. The need for a school to train young people in global commerce, international diplomacy, and global affairs was apparent.

That school was founded at Georgetown as the School of Foreign Service in 1919, five years before the United States Foreign Service was created, with a mission marrying international affairs to Jesuit values of service. Initially placed in the hands of Father Edmund A. Walsh, the school educated many generations of leaders who would dominate their fields through the next century—contributing not only in diplomacy and business but also in culture, security, international development and other fields.

This exhibition traces the history of the Walsh School of Foreign Service, upon its centennial, through the stories of its architects, professors, students, and alumni.


Leon Robbin Gallery

Mapping Duke Ellington's World


Duke Ellington Jump for Joy

curated by Professor Anna Harwell Celenza

A companion exhibition to the 26th International Duke Ellington Study Group Conference, March 11-15, 2020 at Georgetown University.



Kerbs Exhibit Area

The Marino Family International Writers' Academic
Workshop 2019: Washington Black

Washington Black
The book featured in this year's Workshop is Washington Black, by Esi Edugyan.