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Elgato HD 60 S

image of Elgato HD 60 S
Requires Instruction?: 

With the  Elgato HD60 High Definition Game Recorder, you can relive your greatest gaming moments time and time again and even share with friends and fans. That's because the Game Capture HD60 lets you record PS4, Wii U, or Xbox 360/Xbox One gameplay to a Mac or PC.

What you should know: 
  •  Computer System Requirements
    • For Windows
      • Windows 10 (64-bit)
      • 4th generation quad‑core Intel Core i5 CPU (i5-4xxx or comparable)
      • Intel HD or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series graphics (or better)
      • 4 GB RAM, built-in USB 3.x port
      • Internet connection
    • *Note: Elgato Game Capture HD 3.2 Software must be installed on your computer to enable video game capture!(https://www.elgato.com/en/game-capture-hd-support)
    • For Mac
      • Mac: OS X 10.9 (or later) for version 2.0.2, 4 GB RAM
      • Mac: OS X 10.11, 4 GB RAM, for version 2.1 (Public Beta) with Stream Command and HD60 S Support
      • Game Capture HD60: 2nd generation Intel Core i5 CPU (i5-2xxx) or comparable, 2 GHz or higher, before Turbo Boost
      • Game Capture HD: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (or comparable)
      • Game Capture HD60 Pro: Not supported
      • Game Capture HD60 S: 4th gen quad‑core Intel Core i5 CPU (i5-4xxx) or better with version 2.1
      • The Elgato HD 60 S setup for the following compatible devices are found at http://tinyurl.com/jt48edk
        • Xbox 360
        • Xbox One
        • Sony PS4
        • Wii U
        • The Elgato HD 60 S is not compatible with the Sony PS3 gaming system
    • *Note: Elgato Game Capture HD60 software for Mac must be installed on your computer to enable capture video game footage!  (https://www.elgato.com/en/game-capture-hd-support)