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View-Master Virtual Reality

image of View-Master Virtual Reality
Requires Instruction?: 


Mattel's View-Master® is an affordable and easy-to-use platform for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. All you need is the View-Master and a compatible* smartphone. Once you place your smartphone in the View-Master, simply open one of the apps to start your Virtual/Augmented Reality experience. The View-Master works similar to the Oculus Rift except that it uses a smartphone to create the images, rather than a PC.  There are a variety of different apps available on both Android & iOS that work seamlessly with this device and offer various experiences, from games to world tours to VR documentaries. 


Recommended Apps: 

There is a growing community of VR app developers and we will be sure to continuously update this page with new apps that heighten the virtual reality experience. Feel free to make app recommendations.

YouTube (Android Only): The YouTube app for Android gives you an option to view 360/VR videos with the View-Master. Simply click the cardboard icon shown

Vrse - Storytelling in Virtual Reality: This app allows you to to view various critically-acclaimed documentaries and experiences created for virtual reality. There are multiple different experiences & documentaries within this app.

Google Cardboard: Google Cardboard was one of the first affordable virtual reality devices. The Cardboard app allows you to see different virtual reality experiences. It lets you fly around in Google Earth. view 360-degree panoramas of various museums, explore cities around the world, and more. You can also view your own photos taken as photospheres in virtual reality (iPhone support coming soon for this feature). The link above provides apps recommended by Google and explanations of their features.

Sisters: A scary, yet fun experience that fully immerses you in a virtual ghost story.

Vanguard V: A fast-paced, third-person shooter that gives a good intro to mobile VR gaming.

View-Master - Destinations: This app utilizes the preview reel* and allows you to virtually visit various destinations throughout the world.


skip step 2 in the above diagram, unless you plan on purchasing a pass card


  • 1 Mattel View-Master
  • 1 Preview Reel
What you should know: 

*in order to use View-Master Apps, you will need to purchase a pass card. However, some of the features are usable on the provided preview reel, for free.