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Spring 2017

Before the Attraction Ferments photography project
Photo scenes create surreal environments meant to tease our seriousness and sense of sanity.
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Penguins in Antarctica
A global marathon trek recently leads Georgetown student Nick Stukel to Antarctica.
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Spring 2016

Daniel has captured moments of dozens of his favorite rap artists live in concert from Boston to DC.
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Fall 2015

Photos from a Mac Miller concert, December 2015.
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Transitioning into college comes with optimistic aspirations paired with doubts about the people we are and the experiences we have acquired that have led us to this point.
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Spring 2015

We wanted to have professional-grade photography as promotional material for the cast and crew of the student-made film "11:59" by Mesbah Uddin (SFS '15).
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On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) made landfall in the Philippines, making it the deadliest storm in the history of the country. I visited one of the hardest hit areas nearly one year later and photographed landscapes, individuals, artifacts, and graffiti.
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Fall 2014

This series of photos explores the "gray spaces" of traditionally dichotomized concepts including race, gender, and sexuality.
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Fall 2013

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The ARTPOP ARTPROJECT was a 4 month long opportunity I seized to celebrate my artistic passions that I often have to ignore due to the demanding workload of being a Georgetown University student.
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