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A professional-grade animation and special-effects creation tool. While very rich, this application is complex and only recommended for users who are willing to invest significant time learning the software in order to create their own intricate text effects or special effects.


  • Contains a couple hundred pre-fab special effects for use in video, including smoke, fire and other computer-generated effects.
  • Easy to learn text and titling tools for powerful and unique text effects in your videos.
  • Improved real-time, simplified design environment.
  • Comprehensive layering and masking tools for compositing in 2D or 3D.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Studio programs, such as Final Cut Pro.


  • Though this version is easier to use than earlier versions, it will require 2-3 hours of instruction to learn the basics.


  • Apple Support - getting started, user's manual, troubleshooting.