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Have any films or TV programs actually been shot on campus?

In March of 2009, a simulated explosion was set off close to Key Bridge for the filming of a television program pilot, Washington Field.

The most famous movie shot on campus is probably The Exorcist in 1972. Its second sequel, The Exorcist III, was also filmed here in 1990. Scenes for The Pelican Brief, starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, were shot at the Law Center in July 1993. Parts of Born Yesterday, a remake of a 1950 comedy of the same name, were shot in a Healy Hall classroom in August 1992. More recently, in April 2003, the TV show The West Wing shot scenes in front of Healy Hall for “Commencement,” an episode at the end of its fourth season. A mock commencement stage was built and over the course of eight hours a graduation sequence was filmed, incorporating Georgetown students as extras. On the show, the President’s daughter, Zoey Bartlett, attended Georgetown.