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Other Resources

  • Makezine : The magazine of the Maker movement. Full of great project ideas and inspiring stories about makers around the world.
  • Instructables : "How to Make Anything"
  • Nation of Makers : Nation of Makers is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping support America’s maker organizations through community building, resource sharing, and advocacy, within the maker movement and beyond.
  • Hackaday : A great website where makers and hackers share their latest projects and news on upcoming technology trends. Leans a bit more on the technical side, but has a great community in the comments section. 
  • DC Hack and Tell Meetup : A great DC meetup where local hackers and makers get together to share their projects. Sort of a cross between open mic night and a hackathon pitch session. Fantastically friendly people.
  • Pinterest : Pinterest is used for lots of things, but it's a great resource for inspiration for your next maker/design project.

Other Makerspaces/Hackerspaces

The Maker Hub Online Elsewhere:


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