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Two students working in the makerhub

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Maker Hub Community

The Maker Hub is defined by the people who use it.

There a several ways to get involved with the Maker Hub. The easiest is simply to drop in during our open hours, ask one of our friendly staff or volunteers to show you around, and start making. There's (almost) always someone in the space who can show you how to use any of our equipment, and we love learning together!

Who’s in our Community? Roles and Expectations:

Director of Gelardin New Media Center and Maker Hub

Beth Marhanka is the director of the Gelardin New Media Center and the Maker Hub. She oversees the overall mission of the Maker Hub and integrates it into the mission of the Library and University.

Manager of Maker Hub

Don Undeen is the Manager of the Maker Hub. The Manager turns the mission into policies, procedures, and programming. They also make decisions about purchases, and oversees the organization and design of the physical and digital spaces of the Maker Hub.

Operations Coordinator

Zihan Xiao is the Operations Coordinator. The Ops Coord oversees the day-to-day operations of the Maker Hub, making sure that everyone is getting what they need and our volunteers and staff are being productive. The Ops Coord also oversees the staff calendar.


Volunteers and Work-Study Staff are the backbone of the Maker Hub. They welcome our visitors, help them learn new tools, and provide advice on projects according to their expertise. When not helping visitors, they are cleaning and organizing the space, learning new tools, and working on other projects that improve and promote the Maker Hub. In return for working in the Maker Hub 2 hours per week, volunteers get expanded access to the Maker Hub via a personal keypad access code.

You can become a volunteer by contacting makerhub@georgetown.edu

Work-study Staff

Work study staff are similar to volunteers, but work more hours, get paid, and take on additional administrative duties. They also have extended access to the Maker Hub via a personal keypad access code.

Maker Neighbors

Maker Neighbors are people that are not directly GU affiliated, but have special expertise that they share with the Maker Hub in return for access during our open hours. They don’t get a keypad access code to the Maker Hub.

Authorized staff/faculty

Authorized staff and faculty are GU staff and faculty who go through the volunteer training and get a keypad access code, but are not required to volunteer two hours per week. This status is granted on a case-by-case basis, if the person demonstrates a need for this access and a willingness to abide by Maker Hub policies.


Maker Hub Visitors are anyone GU affiliated (and sometime external guests), who visits the Maker Hub to learn, make, talk, watch, or just hang out. They are welcome during our open hours, and during our closed hours if accompanied by the Director, Manager, Ops Coord, Staff, Volunteer, or Authorized Staff/Faculty. We love them!


How to Get Involved

Join our Google Group!

Participate in our online community to share ideas, find collaborators, ask questions, and keep up with all the goings-on by joining our google group: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/maker-hub . The Google group is a bit more inside than the Facebook group, and better for people who are likely to spend time in the physical space.

Join our Facebook Group!

Our Facebook Group is our public face to the online world. Anyone can join it, and it's there that we share our awesome projects (and some of the fails too), post events, re-post cool articles, and invite our friends to see what we're up to. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gumakerhub 

Be a Maker Hub Volunteer Monitor!

Join our awesome Community of Makers at Georgetown, and expand our impact on campus by becoming a Maker Hub Volunteer Monitor!

In return for working at least 2 hours a week in the Maker Hub, volunteers get access to the space whenever the Library is open.

How it works:

  1. Send an email to makerhub@georgetown.edu indicating your interest. Let us know what open hours you are available. (Maker Hub is open 12-5 Mon, Fri, Sat, and 5-8 Tues, Wed, Thurs). We’ll work with you to find 2 hours that work best for both of us.
  2. A time will be scheduled for you to receive monitor orientation.
  3. Once you have received orientation and started your shifts, you’ll have access to the Maker Hub during all Library open hours.

Off-hours access rules:

  1. At least 2 people must be in the Maker Hub at all times.
  2. At least 1 of those people must be a Maker Hub monitor (volunteer or staff).
  3. Maker Hub monitors assume responsibility for the actions of everyone in the space during these periods and are responsible for locking up the space when they leave.


The Maker Hub thrives on the generosity of our community. If you value the impact of the Maker Hub on campus, please consider donating!

To Donate Funds

  • Go to this link:
  • Under "Selected Designations" Choose "Other Designation," type in "Library Technology Fund," and enter the amount in the field to the right.
  • In the "Special Instructions" box, type in "Maker Hub"
  • Fill out the rest of your details as appropriate

Our Amazon wishlist is tinyurl.com/gumh-wishlist
Clearing our your garage or attic? See our “We Take Donations” page on website for list of wanted items.


Maker Hub Staff & Volunteer Community

Yutong Zhang yz656

Zhiqian Chen zc137

Xiaoman Chen xc133

Hélène Lerno hll15

Mickey Cervino mpc120

The maker hub is an amazing place where people can turn their ideas into reality. It gives unprecedented access to a world that most people wouldn't otherwise have.

Erik Schofer es1183

Alan Balu agb76

I love the Maker Hub because it gives me a break from my work and lets me open up my creative side. I can create and build whatever I want!

Kyle Draim kad141

Sonai Ajdroud sa1363

Noah Martin nbm28

The Maker Hub provides a much needed outlet for free form creativity on campus.

Madeline Lee mnl48

I love the Maker Hub because of its free access to all who desire to be creative.

Beiyuan Gu bg645

Wenjie Zhang wz157

Linghui Cai lc1125

Justin Summers jms581

The Maker Hub offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn and meet new people who all share an interest in improving themselves and others.

Anya Aboud aa2010

Daria Arzy da733

Adrienne Coyle avc41

Victoria Ma vvm7

Cameron McKay ccm98

Keenan Clark kdc71

Beiyue Wang bw559

Olivia Torbert odt3

Jamie Farrell jtf40

Ryan Mannion ram321

Cai Li cl1329

Olive Morris omm34

Jill Fredenburg jnf37

I've met so many enthusiastic creatives at the MakerHub- folks who are helpful and effortlessly out-of-the-box.

Mitch Rimerman mr1569

Letia Green-Tettey lg859

Iyanah Langa il135

Caitlin Peng ccp63

The Maker Hub is one of the few spaces on campuses where creativity, learning, resources, and great people intersect!

Egan Barnitt ecb88

Zhengyi Liu zl270

Rujin Guo rg1121

Jonah Conlin jkc66

Danny coss heneghan dc1261

Zihan Xiao zx53

Maya Archer mea109

Derek Acosta da606

I support the Maker Hub because it's the best place on campus to mix ideas, experience, and enthusiasm; you never know quite what you'll get, but it'll be awesome.

Sarah Harper snh36

I like the creative atmosphere!

Joshua Mauss jjm347

The Maker Hub is where things can become greater than the sum of their parts.

Sania Ali sia31

Shavini Fernando sef91

Lauren Emeritz lauren@emeritz.com

Cara Black ckb37