All Main Campus Library facilities are returning to full capacity effective August 2. Masks are required for all Library users, but reservations are no longer needed. Find the most current information available on the Georgetown Libraries COVID-19 Updates and Resources page and the Library's COVID-19 FAQ.

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Maker Hub COVID-related Policies

Due to ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Maker Hub has made significant changes to its operations and policies. These operations and policies may continue to change as conditions warrant.

At the current time, key Maker Hub policy changes are:

  • Physical Open Hours are discontinued. (but check out our online open hours!)
  • All access to the Maker Hub is reservation-only. Contact to make a reservation.
  • Access to the Maker Hub is available only to staff, faculty, and students that are authorized to be on campus and in the Library.
  • Reservations are limited to reduce the number of people using the space at the same time and to allow for thorough cleaning.
  • Priority for reservations are given to work related to Georgetown courses, academic research, and entrepreneurial projects with the support of Georgetown Entrepreneurship Program. You may be asked to provide the name of a supporting faculty or staff member.
  • Reservations require a consultation in advance to prepare all tools and materials for your work. 
  • A new COVID-era safety agreement must be read and digitally signed in advance of your reservation
  • Visitors are required to obey all Georgetown safety rules as agreed to in the 2020 Georgetown University Community Compact
  • New rules for entry, exit, and movement within the space have been posted and adherence is required.
  • To reduce use of the space and to support those that are unable to visit the Maker Hub, we are offering limited Fabrication Services on the laser cutter and 3D printer. Contact to discuss your fabrication needs.
  • Maker Hub staff are still available for consultations on a wide range of maker-related topics. Contact us for support in project planning, skills development, and creative facilitation. 


How to Access the Maker Hub 

  • Access to the maker hub is reservation-only and will be preceded by a short consultation to identify:
    • What tools you need to use
    • What workstation you need access to
    • What services you need done for you
    • If you need access to/creation of your own project box
    • What time(s) you need to access the Maker Hub
    • To provide online orientation materials (video, documents, quiz)
    • To sign a NEW COVID-era Maker Hub Safety waiver, which includes agreements regarding safety behavior in the space
  • Priority for Maker Hub access will be given to course, research, and entrepreneurship-related work.
  • When you come into the Maker Hub for your reservation time, a workstation will be set up for you with the tools you need in a box at your workstation.
  • You May NOT access other tools in the Maker Hub without assistance from Maker Hub Staff/Volunteers.
  • Reservations are for only ONE person at a time. 
  • Reservations are available only during library open hours in coordination with availability of Maker Hub staff and volunteers. These hours may change throughout the semester due to COVID-related and other conditions.
  • Once done with your work, all tools will be returned to the reservation box, sealed with tape and marked with the NetID of the latest user, dated, and placed in quarantine for 72 hours. Your project box will be put in project storage for you.
  • Reservation boxes will be quarantined for 72 hours unless re-used by the same person.
  • A Maker Hub staff/volunteer will be present to monitor activity in the Hub and enforce safety rules.
  • If you require assistance with a tool, a Maker Hub volunteer/staff will assist you via Zoom.
  • 3D printing and Laser Cutting will be done for you by Maker Hub staff/volunteers. Please allow 1-week turnaround time for your job. There is no charge for most materials, but if you need the item shipped to you, you will be charged shipping costs.
  • Contact to begin the consultation process


Making Services

Fabrication services, such as 3D printing and laser cutting are available for course, research, or entrepreneurship-related work.

Please contact to discuss the materials available, costs, and shipping arrangements.


Rules for behavior in the Maker Hub 

  • Obey all Georgetown safety rules as agreed to in the 2020 Georgetown University Community Compact
  • Wash your hands thoroughly in bathroom before entering the Maker Hub
  • Upon entering the Maker Hub, clean hands with sanitizer
  • Keep your mask on at all times.
  • Sign-in is not required
  • Maintain 6-foot distance between others at all times
  • Follow the one-way arrows when moving around the Maker Hub
  • Use the Door by the Woodshop for Entry Only
  • Use the Door into the Idea Lab for Exit Only
  • Do not approach Maker Hub staff/volunteers. 
  • If you need assistance, alert Maker Hub staff/volunteers and they will set up a zoom session.
  • Zoom link for in-shop help is [create permanent zoom link]
  • Do not touch any tools not already provided for you in your reservation box
  • Contact a Maker Hub staff/volunteer if you need additional tools.
  • When done, wipe down all tools with provided cleaner, according to instructions provided
  • When done, put ALL tools (including any additional tools provided for you) back into your reservation box.
  • Do not put tools into your project box
  • Leave both the Project Box and Reservation Box at your workstation. They will be put into the project storage area for you.
  • Wipe down your work surface with provided cleaner, according to instructions provided
  • Clean hands with sanitizer before leaving the Maker Hub
  • Wash hands in bathroom after leaving the Maker Hub