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Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner

Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner

The Makerbot Digitizer is a 3D scanner that can turn real objects into digital 3D files suitable for printing. 

The Digitizer can scan objects up to 8" in diameter and 8" tall.

The Digitizer is controlled via the free Makerbot Desktop Software, available here. The Digitizer must be plugged in, via USB cable, to the computer running Makerbot Desktop.

The Maker Hub has a workstation available to use with the Digitizer.


Scannable Area:

Diameter: 8"

Height: 8"

Interface: USB attached to computer running Makerbot Desktop

What you should know: 

To use the Maker Hub's 3D printers, you must attend the following orientation sessions:

- Introduction to the Maker Hub

Check the Maker Hub Calendar for workshop availability.

To get started with the Digitizer, check out the resources here.