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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
Requires Instruction?: 

Raspberry Pi, along with Arduino, are the brains of Maker projects!

Raspberry Pis (aka RPi, aka Pi) are small, cheap Linux computers designed to make it easy to develop projects that would otherwise required an expensive dedicated computer.

The Pi has HDMI and composite outputs for plugging in to a monitor, and usb ports for keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. Think of it like a regular Linux computer, just REALLY small. It's often used in conjunction with Arduino to help with network communication.

Maker Hub Raspberry Pis are available for in-shop use; you can order your own from reputable dealers such as SparkFun and AdaFruit

Check out the Maker Hub's workshop pages for upcoming Raspberry Pi classes!


What you should know: 

To use the Maker Hub's Raspberry Pis, you must attend the following orientation sessions:

- Introduction to the Maker Hub

Check the Maker Hub Calendar for workshop availability.

Learn more about Raspberry Pi,  here: