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Ethics Lab, Kennedy Institute of Ethics


Ethics Lab is as an incubator for projects that aim to make progress in an ethically complex world—an entity that provides various resources to support the development of projects, products, and services. The key resources we provide are design mentorship, ethics expertise, and connections to external partners who are expert practitioners in related fields and/or key stakeholders in complex problem areas able to affect real world change to help realize lab projects. We encourage those working in Ethics Lab to (with the support of our ethics experts) lean in to ethical complexity rather than shying away from these often sticky issues.


Healy Hall 201b

Department/Organization that oversees facility:

Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Faculty/Staff/Student coordinator(s) of facility:

Jesse Flores, Emily UnrueArjun Dhillon

Contact email:,,

What equipment, tools, supplies and resources are available in this space?

Ethics Lab is a design studio that accommodates creative work from the early exploratory and divergent phases all the way through to the execution of well-crafted artifacts of a variety of media. Here are some more specifics: Books available from Library Thing.

What is the process students/staff must go through to use this space?

There is currently no formal process for proposing entry into the lab. Students in classes held in Ethics Lab or run by Ethics Lab are automatically exposed to these resources, but we are happy to do one-off consults for student, staff, or faculty projects if they get in touch with some background about what they’re working on. If it sounds promising and the inquiring individuals are invested in continuing work on the project, we may be able to provide additional resources to help.

What items aren't available that users need to provide for themselves?

Depends on the project but we have a variety of consumables available for the printers and other tools we have in the lab. If there's a specialty paper or other consumable, you might need to provide this yourself.

Student Organizations associated with space?

No, but while classes are in session our aim is to keep the lab open and available as much as possible to students, staff, and faculty working on affiliated activities and we therefore restrict other uses to those directly associated with the lab and its classes and projects.

Is this space for the dedicated use of a specific program or department?


Are there specific courses students can take to get additional training/exposure to this area?

For a list of Ethics Lab hosted classes see: