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Maker Hub Print Shop

At the Maker Hub Print shop, you can learn to bind books, use a printing press, and a wide variety of paper crafts.

Print Shop: What you need to know

  • In this station you’ll find everything for working with paper; soft and hard-cover bookbinding, print making, stapling, paper cutting and more.
    • Paper Cutters
    • Etching Press
    • Laser and Inkjet Printers
    • Paper Presses
    • Staplers
    • Corner Rounders
    • Traditional Bookbinding Equipment
    • Thermal Binder
    • Coil Binder
    • Rulers, compasses, etc
    • Scoring Boards 
    • Xyron Creative Station (Non-Heat lamination and adhesive applicator) 
    • And more!
  • You need a quick safety orientation to use the:
    • Guillotine Paper Cutter
  • You need special training to use the:
    • Printers (each requires a driver download --- type the printer name into google to find)
    • Etching Press: contact Lauren Emeritz or Noah Martin
  • Use of the Laser and Inkjet Printers is ONLY for Maker-related projects (book-binding, button-making, etc), NOT for printing class assignments, large quantities, etc. Install the appropriate drivers for each printer on your laptop.
  • For large quantity print runs and poster printing, we recommend the FedEx on the Corner of Bank Street and M Street.

[Full Tool Listing coming Soon]