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And The Awards Go To

Blue, Gray, and Yellow Award Ribbons with a photo collage

>From many incredible submissions, four projects were selected as the winners of the Fall 2018 semester Gelardin + Maker Hub Showcase. Awards were provided in three categories, Voter’s Choice, Gelardin & Maker Hub Staff Pick, and the Beeck Center Award.

Voter's Choice: "Figuring Out Diversity in Higher Ed" by Sarah Chamberlain

Figuring Out Diversity in Higher Ed by Sarah Chamberlain

This award was given to the project that received the most votes from the public. Sarah Chamberlain's project is a puzzle she designed in Adobe Illustrator and brought to reality using the laser cutter in the Maker Hub. The puzzle itself is a conceptual annotated bibliography containing book covers, article abstracts, and key terms.

Gelardin & Maker Hub Staff Pick: "American, Too" by Kimberly Marcela Duron>

American, Too by Kimberly Marcela Duron

Gelardin & Maker Hub staff recognized this project as one that made the best use of Library resources. Staff noted that although there were several wonderful projects, "American, Too" stood out for its compelling and relevant storytelling combined with excellent video and audio quality. Kimberly Marcela Duron completed this project using Adobe Premiere in the Gelardin editing rooms. "American, Too" is a short documentary film, told through the lens of a first generation Honduran-American filmmaker and master's student at Georgetown University. The film explores the identity of young people from the Central American diaspora in the context of negative rhetoric from the U.S. government along with changing policies that affect hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Central America.

Beeck Center Award: "Prison Labor Project" by Elizabeth Zrike and Reilly Garner

Prison Labor Project by Elizabeth Zrike and Reilly Garner

The staff at the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation have recognized this as the project that best represents equity and inclusion! Along with awarding "Prison Labor Project," the Beeck Center broke with the tradition of awarding one sole project to also recognize "American, Too" and "I Can't Eat Books." The Beeck Center staff commented, "We feel that all three projects brought social impact to life through storytelling, highlighting important and relevant issues that affect under-served communities. These projects addressed equity and inclusion, not only in their subject but also in their approach to production, through including a variety of voices in the telling of their story." Elizabeth Zrike and Reilly Garner's project delves into the prison labor system of the U.S. to understand its underpinnings, pervasiveness, and potential reforms. It includes interviews from three Georgetown professors and a Georgetown law student who was previously incarcerated. Through the use of these interviews, research, and accompanying graphics, this project explores several aspects of prison labor. This winning project was developed with the help of Library staff Barrinton Baynes and Megan Martinsen.