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Announcing 1-Credit Maker Hub Course Extension

Don Undeen, Maker Hub Manager with students in the Maker Hub

The Maker Hub and the Red House are proud to announce the creation of the Maker Hub 1-Credit Course Extension. This course, which will be led by Maker Hub Manager Don Undeen, is designed for students who want to extend their engagement with one of their registered courses by making a physical object that relates to the subject of that course.

In this course, meeting weekly at the Maker Hub, students will work through a process of ideation, planning, training, development, testing, and iteration, as they turn their idea into a physical prototype, artifact, product, and/or art object. Applicants for this course aren’t expected to have a fully-fledged plan at the outset, but be prepared to evolve their idea as they test assumptions, narrow focus, and adapt to new information.

Applicants are also not required to have experience with any of the technology necessary for the completion of their project, but will be able to take advantage of the Maker Hub tools and community to learn the necessary skills.

Participants for this course will be selected from a wide range of disciplines, at both graduate and undergraduate level. Participation in class discussion, user testing, and other group activities will constitute a major portion of the grade. Class size is limited to 6-8 students, and acceptance into the course will be determined in collaboration with the Instructor for the Participating Course.

To learn more about the course, view the course syllabus on MyAccess. Interested students should apply by filling out an application form no later than January 15th. Please send questions to makerhub@georgetown.edu