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Announcing the Winners of the Spring 2018 Showcase Selections

Showcase winners with ribbons

Join us in celebrating the following award-winning projects created with Gelardin + Maker Hub resources last semester!

Viewer's Choice

Digital Witchcraft by Elizabeth Crowley Webber, Tess Henthorne, and Bridget Sellers. This web-based data visualization project was created for Amanda Phillips' Intro to Digital Humanities class and tests a methodology for understanding films about witchcraft. Their project was made possible with help from Librarians Megan Martinsen and Melissa Jones as well as access to resources such as Adobe Illustrator and DSLR cameras in the Gelardin New Media Center.

Staff Pick

Annotated Darkroom by Sasha Patkin. This web-based design and visualization project was created for an English MA capstone project advised by Sherry Lee Linkon and Dana Luciano. It traces the history of a 160-year-old photograph of the real Alice in Wonderland taken by Lewis Carroll to reveal "post-truths" in media and photography. This project was made possible with help from Multimedia Specialists Ahad SubzwariMichael Matason, and Noah Bickfordas well as access to DSLR cameras and the Gelardin Production Studio.

Beeck Center Award

HIV/AIDS Among Gay and Bi Black Men by Reena Goswami, Kiarie Mumbi, and Catherine Schluth. This podcast was created for Anne Rosenwald's class Biology of Global Health and looks at how AIDS is currently affecting gay and bi black men in the United States. Their project was made possible with help from Multimedia Specialist Nikoo Yahyazadeh and access to tools such as the Scarlett 2i2 and Interview Microphone.

Congratulations to the winners! View all of the accepted projects or fill out this form to submit a project of your own.