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Bioethics Library Begins Consortium Loaning

The Bioethics Research Library (BRL), which began circulating its specialized collection last year, has extended circulation to include the members of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC). Students, faculty and staff of American, Catholic, Gallaudet, George Mason, George Washington, Howard, Marymount, and the University of DC will now be able to request circulating items from the BRL to be delivered to their libraries.

The BRL is making 21,000 books available to the more than 120,000 students, faculty and staff of the WRLC member universities. Of these newly available books, 8,000 titles are unique to the BRL and 5,000 more can only be found at one other WRLC university. The titles include books on: the foundations of bioethics; clinical bioethics and ethics committees; animal welfare; disability; environmental ethics; genetic engineering; research and human experimentation; religious perspectives on bioethical issues; and global and cultural perspectives in bioethics.

This collection is added to those of Lauinger Library, Blommer Science Library, Woodstock Theological Library and Dahlgren Memorial Library, which are already available through the WRLC’s Consortium Loan Service. Georgetown University is one of the largest lenders in the WRLC.

Borrowing policies for Consortium Loan Service can be found on the Library’s website.

The Bioethics Research Library is part of Georgetown’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics, one of the world’s premier bioethics institutes. The Kennedy Institute is committed to a civil dialogue on the pressing questions of the day in a climate of intellectual openness and lively discourse.