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Book Traces Day

Stack of Books on a Table

Ever wonder if you should erase other readers’ notes and scribbles often found on library books’ margins? Ever see memorabilia slipped into books and forgotten by past readers, such as postcards, photographs, dried flowers, or other things? Find out what these things can tell you about past owners and readers of books by joining other book lovers for a Book Traces Day at Lauinger Library on Wednesday, March 29!

Start the day off right with coffee and doughnuts and then get cracking in the stacks, combing through pre-1923 English and American literature on Lau 5 to find traces of past readers and possible clues to their lives and habits. When you are finished you can join your friends and colleagues to chat over pizza and talk about what you found!

The event is inspired by and modelled on the "Book Traces" project at the University of Virginia, where "traces" -- or physical evidences of how books have been used (such as marginalia, bookmarks, bookplates, and other items left between pages) -- are being identified with results collected and shared at Learn more about the event and RSVP on the event page