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Celebrate Earth Day 2017

Earth Day Book Spotlight Covers

As Earth Day 2017 approaches, the Library has all you need to get started learning about Environmental Science and Environmental Policy!

This year, the theme of Earth Day is environmental and climate literacy. Here at Georgetown University Library, we know that access to accurate and up to date information on environmental issues like climate change, air quality, deforestation, endangered species, and more, are crucial as you grow as future leaders in the field through your research and studies.

We recommend you start with our Environmental Policy and Environmental Science Subject Guides. These will help you identify background information, relevant articles and books, and reputable news sources.

Want to dig a little deeper? Stop by Lau and Blommer to speak with our Environmental Policy and Environmental Science subject specialists, to find environmental dvds on our Spotlight Shelf on Lau 2, and some other incredible fiction and nonfiction books that will both inspire you and make you think!