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Maker Hub Introduction for New Faculty

Don Undeen with students in the Maker Hub

The Maker Hub is Georgetown’s only makerspace open to all students, staff, and faculty. With a range of accessible tools for fabrication and a talented community of volunteers, staff, and affiliated experts, the Maker Hub can help faculty integrate hands-on learning into their curriculum, and facilitate communication and design in the adjacent Idea LabThe vision of the Maker Hub is to provide a space connecting Georgetown faculty, makers and entrepreneurs from across campus with specialized equipment and a collaborative atmosphere to design, solve problems and innovate.

Some of the ways the Maker Hub serves faculty includes:

  • Hosting classes for design thinking workshops. The adjacent Idea Lab space is equipped with whiteboard tables, large screens, and simple creative tools that promote communication and empathy-building. Once new ideas are proposed, the Maker Hub has ample supplies of rapid prototyping materials for physical sketching, such as clay, Legos, cardboard and other crafting supplies.
  • Helping to plan curriculum that makes use of our accessible prototyping tools, for courses such as graphic design, interaction design, product development, and more.
  • Managing fabrication equipment for research projects. The Maker Hub can help set up, house and maintain faculty equipment, with the proviso that such equipment becomes available to the general community at the conclusion of the research project.
  • Giving tours and lectures on the social impact of makerspaces around the world. The Maker Hub is set up not just to help our community make, but to help our community understand what can be accomplished when the tools of innovation are placed in the hands of the marginalized or disadvantaged in disaster zones, conflict regions, or economically depressed areas.

To learn more about how the Maker Hub can work with your class, department, initiative or research project, check out our homepage. We also invite you to reach out to us! Contact Don Undeen, Manager of Maker Hub at makerhub@georgetown.edu and/or Beth Marhanka, Director of Gelardin New Media Center and Maker Hub at marhankb@georgetown.edu to schedule a visit and talk about more ways we can support you and your work on the Hilltop.