Due to inclement weather, the following hours will be in effect for Wednesday, March 21:

  • Lauinger Circulation Desk: 8:30am - Midnight
  • Gelardin New Media Center: 10:00am - 8:00pm
  • Blommer Science Library: CLOSED

We will keep you informed of any other service changes throughout the day. 

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We Take Donations

student using the loom

The Maker Hub thrives on donations from our generous community, and wants to share these giving opportunities with you.

How You Can Contribute

Ron Henderson Teaching a Raspberry Pi Class

Fund an innovative program

People and programming are at the very core of what makes our community a catalyst for innovation. Funding from donors will provide critical, flexible resources to pursue new and creative opportunities to expand the Maker Hub's technology, programs, and resources for the Georgetown community. Opportunities include:

  • Workshops and training series
  • Maker Challenges
  • Residencies, Fellowships and Internships
  • Student Maker Grants

Equipment and Consumables for our WorkstationsStudent Working with Loom

As the Maker Hub’s community grows, so does the diversity of projects we undertake, and with it the range of tools and materials we need to be productive. Sometimes we don’t know we need a tool until it is donated, and then we can’t live without it!

Donations have also expanded our idea of what a makerspace can be. Thanks to the Ethics Lab, the Maker Hub has a bookbinding and print station that brings in dozens of visitors for weekly workshops. A floor loom donated by Jennifer Lubkin Chavez helps us demonstrate that creative technology need not be “digital.” 


Materials for Upcycling

Maker Hub Storage Area

As opposed to recycling, upcycling aka “creative reuse” is the repurposing of unwanted materials into new objects. One corner of the Maker Hub is set aside for maintaining a collection of discarded electronics, materials, and odds & ends for our community to use for their own projects. Community members learn de-soldering, the art of “un-gluing” electronic components from motherboards so that switches, buttons, and knobs can find new life in arduino projects, diy synthesizers, and custom hardware. Each new volunteer creates their own apron, using materials from the Hub’s scrap fabric bin. As Halloween approaches, things really get wild as students ransack our “junk pile” to make crazy costumes.

Some Upcycling Projects:

LCD Monitor Digital Signage

Maker Hub Digital Signage

Old desktop monitors are often thrown out when an office upgrades to new computers. At the Maker Hub, community members have been turning them into digital signage and other useful installations. Recovered LCD screens are stripped from their plastic housing, measured, and placed inside a custom-designed laser cut case. This case has holes on the side that allow for modular mounts, permitting a range of installation options. A small raspberry pi computer in a 3D-printed case is attached to the back and configured to display a Google Slide, Calendar, photo slideshow, or a custom app. Contact the Maker Hub if you’d like one for your own digital signage needs.

Idea Lab Lamp

Idea Lab Lamp:

This mesmerizing lamp was made from an old CRT monitor case, a fresnel lens from an overhead projector, and several feet of LED rope light.

The Maker Hub is extremely grateful to all the community members who have donated equipment, supplies, and materials to the Maker Hub. A list of most of these supporters is here.

Please consider donating your gently used tools and materials to the Maker Hub. Contact makerhub@georgetown.edu to make arrangements.

Please see our list of items we are in need of here.